The idea that men and women are created equal is one of the foundations of Christianity. But are humans created equally? God created Adam and later Eve according to Christian doctrine. God could have created Adam and Eve simultaneously or created a hermaphrodite named Adameve. God did not but decided to create Eve out of Adam. This doctrine of man before woman is expressed in the belief that God is a man. Why not? He created man before woman.
The creation of man before woman already gives man an innate advantage over woman. Women up till this present day are fighting to remove the toga of inferiority foisted on them by men. On the other hand, some women are so comfortable with their second-class status that they despise women who act like “men.” If women are to vote consistently for female candidates, there will be no male politicians in the world. Misogyny also extends to females.
Let’s assume for the purpose of an argument that the first family, was created “equally.” Equally in what sense? Adam has a big phallus and Eve has a miniature one. Adam has shriveled breasts, and Eve is well-endowed. Eve has two canals down under but Adam has only one. Therefore, our ancestors were differently endowed physically. Unequal physical endowments may imply unequal endowments in other areas. All these arguments are based on the Christian dogma of creation.
Then there must be another form of human equality. Could it be that our souls are equal? The soul is unquantifiable but let’s assume that male and female souls are equal. If our soul commands us to perform a task but we are physically unable to do it, are we equal really? Some may quantify the soul as our conscience but is our conscience subservient to our physical attributes? If a female sees an evil act but she is not physically endowed to stop it, does she call on a male to help?
Sometimes, the inequality extends to entire peoples or races. Slavery is when the “master” race uses its physical or technological advantages to enslave other people or races for economic gain. Just as men enslave women of the same kind, men may enslave people of a different kind. Kind is used loosely and may imply tribe, race, or clan. Slavery is not possible in a world of equals.
Women are slaves to men worldwide. The existence of a few women leaders does not invalidate the inequality. The slave has the same and presumably equal soul as the master but is still enslaved by the physical and technological superiority of the master. If God wanted a world of equals, God would have dispensed physical, technological, conscientious, and other attributes equally to men and women and across races. Therefore, the presumed equality of the soul, which is unproven, is no match for measurable physical, technological, and other measurable attributes.
Humans, males and females of every hue, origin, and circumstance differ in their attributes and endowments. No one race dominates in all areas of human endeavor and this is expected when we are not created equally. In reality, the equality of the soul, if it is real, does not translate to real equality because the physical attributes associated with the soul may not compel the body to execute tasks that the body is incapable of accomplishing.
Real equality is when the spirit (soul or conscience) and physical attributes are equal amongst men and women and across races. That the races look, act, and think differently confirms inequality of people, which may extend to the different sexes.
The real soul, conscience, or spirit is for humans of all races and sexes to treat each other respectfully, fairly, and equitably despite the different endowments. The diversity of the world is its beauty. If we are all equally endowed in all areas, it will indeed be a boring world. Since God did not create human hermaphrodites, God wanted us to be unequal. Hermaphrodites exist in nature and, going by the Creationist Theory, were created by God.
Differences that do not infringe on human dignity should be treated with respect. Differences that subjugate, infringe, or annihilate others are undesirable and demand extinction. The despised Black race may become more valuable and sought after by the less endowed White race as the world warms up. More melanin means less skin cancer. This assumes that we are not annihilated by Nuclear War I before global warming sets in.


  1. Yet again, a gender based inequality discussion fades into an attempt to racially segregate albeit subtly…

    There’s surely more uniqueness regarding dark skin phenotypic differences than your ‘melanocytic’ explanations…

    1. Hal, I miss you. Hope that you are doing well at the University. It is discussions such as this that will lead us to the “final answer” if there is one.

      These articles are philosophical as well as practical. If men and women of the same race are unequal, is it possible that people of different races are unequal? The race with more melanin is more equal than the race with less melanin in avoiding melanoma. The race that put a man on the moon is more equal in technology than the race that put a witch in space. No one race is superior in all aspects of human life and endeavors. You get my drift.

      The gene for color may not be the same gene for innovation, discovery, hatism, racism, etc. The dictator of Kazakhstan is phenotypically similar to the dictator of Zimbabwe but melanocytically different. The corruption gene becomes less prominent as you go from Eastern to Western Europe.

      But again, there is a caveat. You have to distinguish between internal and external corruption. Internal corruption refers to corruption in the country and external corruption refers to exporting corruption to the colonies or other nations. People of Anglo-Saxon descent appear to have a heavy dose of the external corruption gene. We are our genes but epigenetics through the environment, food, drugs, and other factors may influence gene expression.

      The inhabitants of the Nordic countries appear to have the least dose of the corruption gene, both the internal and external variety.

      The discussion on gender equality is more of a religio-political discussion than a scientific discussion. Gender discrimination and inequality pervades all races, cultures, and environment. The only cure for gender inequality is to make men have babies!

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