Terrorists have a common trait: They want to change your culture, religion, and way of life by brutal force, murder, coercion, and intimidation. They also covet your endowments and want to take it by force, intrigue, or intimidation. The once terrorized may become the terrorizer. When this happens, the erstwhile terrorist starts crying foul. The best way to stop terrorism is to condemn terrorism in all its forms, whether it is political terrorism, judicial terrorism, cultural terrorism, economic terrorism, racial terrorism, or religious terrorism.
The Egyptians enslaving the Israelites: Terrorism.
The Israelites pulverizing Jericho: Terrorism.
The developed world reaping off the undeveloped or underdeveloped world: Terrorism.
Hannibal overrunning Southern Europe with his elephant cavalry: Terrorism.
The Roman conquest of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East: Terrorism.
Forced conversion of indigenous peoples to foreign religions: Terrorism.
Hitler suffocating the Jews in the gas chambers and frying them in incinerators: Terrorism.
The Germans exterminating the Hereros and Namaqua of Namibia: Terrorism.
Beheading of humans: Terrorism.
The Israelites oppressing the Palestinians: Terrorism.
The Palestinians lobbing rockets into Israel: Terrorism.
Use of veto power at the UN to cover evil: Terrorism.
Genghis Khan rolling over Europe and Asia: Terrorism.
Alexander the Great annexing wide swaths of Europe and Asia by force: Terrorism.
Gunboat diplomacy: Terrorism.
The Europeans annihilating the Indians in North America: Terrorism.
The English exterminating the Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand: Terrorism.
Possession of nuclear weapons: Terrorism.
The English conquest of Ireland: Terrorism.

The Dutch and the British enslaving South African Blacks: Terrorism.
Unfair trade practices: Terrorism.
The British executing and imprisoning Kenyans: Terrorism.
The French executing Tunisians and Algerians fighting for independence: Terrorism.
Non-condemnation or facilitating genocide: Terrorism.
Americans annexing Hawaii: Terrorism.
Americans pulverizing Vietnam with incendiary devices, Agent Orange, and bombs: Terrorism.
Unfair policing directed at the disadvantaged: Terrorism.
The American pacification of the Philippines: Terrorism.
The Ku Klux Klan firebombing, lynching, and raping African American people: Terrorism.
Forced displacement of poor people for “economic” purposes without fair compensation: Terrorism.
The Russian Tsarist Empire slaughtering of Circassians: Terrorism.
The Russian Bolsheviks killing Don Cossacks: Terrorism.
Chechens exploding in Russia: Terrorism.
Russians killing Chechens: Terrorism.
Death penalty: Terrorism.
Russians starving Ukrainians and Kazakhs: Terrorism.
The Ming dynasty massacre of ethnic minorities in China: Terrorism.
Forced sterilization: Terrorism.
Nigeria starving, maiming, and killing Biafrans: Terrorism.
The Turks annihilating the Armenians: Terrorism.
Using starvation as a war weapon: Terrorism.
The Serbs massacring the Bosnians: Terrorism.
Europeans enslaving Africans in America: Terrorism.
Discrimination against LGTBQ persons: Terrorism.
Africans selling Africans to Strangers: Terrorism.
The West selling weapons to dictatorial regimes in Africa, Asia, and South America: Terrorism.
Female genital mutilation: Terrorism.
Terrorists bombing London, Boston, Paris, Brussels: Terrorism.
The British leading expeditions against native inhabitants of their newly “discovered” territories: Terrorism.
State religion: Terrorism.
The mass slaughter of the Incas and Aztecs by the Spaniards: Terrorism.
Christopher Columbus raping, pillaging, and wiping out the entire inhabitants of Hispaniola: Terrorism.
Religious persecution: Terrorism.
Celebrating Columbus Day: Terrorism
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Terrorism.
State-sponsored torture: Terrorism.
Flattening of Dresden: Terrorism.
The Indonesians slaughtering the Timorese people: Terrorism.
Gunning down schoolchildren: Terrorism.
The slaughter of the Tamil people by Sri Lanka: Terrorism.
When the West (Europeans) export terrorism, it is to civilize you. When “uncivilized” victims of Western terrorism export terror, the terrorists are trying to change the Western way of life. The erstwhile terrorists are now being terrorized by their erstwhile victims.
Terrorism does indeed come in cycles.

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