There will continue to be hatism in America,
As long as there is a bridge named Edmund Pettus,
In Selma, Alabama.

There will no letting up in homicidal police brutality
In America, directed at colored persons,
As long as the FBI headquarters,
In Washington, DC. is named
The Edgar Hoover Building.

There will be continued suppression of colored voters,
As long as the residence of the President of the United States,
Is named the White House,
And not the House.

There will be no change
In colored infant mortality or
Colored death rates,
Until the numbers of colored doctors,
Match the number of colored people,
In the general population.

America will never be a free, equal, and just society for colored people,
Until America apologizes for slavery and
Pays reparations to the descendants of its colored slaves.

America will never be a free, equal, and just society for colored people,
Until every non-colored American accepts that he/she
Is a beneficiary of slavery.
This applies equally to all non-colored Americans
Whether you or your forebears arrived on the Mayflower or on a Boeing 777.

Since America is not ready to change its evil ways,
And claims to be a free, equal, and just society.
It should pay for uncompensated slave labor,
As any free, equal, and just society should.
And any slave laborer or descendant of slave laborers after payment
Is free to decide either to continue suffering the indignities of hatism in America
Or make their abode elsewhere.

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