There is a political gossamer named Nigeria.
Spun out of British economic, political, social, and cultural expediency.
She has continued to simmer under a veneer of imposed unity.
As molten lava in an active volcano waiting for an auspicious time to erupt.

One such eruption in 1967 stoked by British, Russian, and Egyptian interests.
Resulted in the loss of over one million Igbo lives.
One million innocent noncombatant lives!
Civilians were raped, starved, burnt, beheaded, drowned, disemboweled and made homeless.
In an orgy of killing that rivals the Jewish Holocaust with a religious undertone.

Britain and other members of the Security Council.
Watched obviously with glee as African Savages slaughtered fellow Africans.
World intervention meant a loss of face for Britain.
It could be blamed for creating such a monster of a country
Nigeria, a nation that could easily accommodate twelve countries.
Was woven into one big gossamer for reasons best known to Britain.

Religiously, Nigeria could be two countries, Muslim and Christian.
Sinister indeed, it is for a Christian Britain.
To weld Christians and Muslims into one country.
Did the British learn from the religious partition of India?
Have Muslims ever coexisted peacefully with another dominant religion.
In the same country?
Without strifes and wars fueled by religious animosity.
Did the British amalgamate Northern and Southern Nigeria to foment trouble?
Or did the British create a restless Nigeria to forestall its development?
And blame the Black race for backwardness.
Meanwhile, it facilitates the post colonial exploitation.

The conflicts were evident before the British colonial masters.
Handed the reins of power to the Muslim North by rigging.
The 1953 census and the 1957 elections were rigged.
Subsequent census and elections have always been rigged.
If this is not enough evidence for a prima facie case against Britain.
Then the judge, prosecutor, and jury need to be sent to the gallows!

Redemption for Britain is still possible.
Just as Britain left their closely related European brethren in Europe.
After a referendum on Brexit.
The countries within Nigeria should do a Nigerexit.
Scotland may well Scotexit Britain followed by Northexit of Northern Ireland.
So Nigerexit has precedents.
Africastallestman urges Britain to conduct a proportional referendum in Nigeria.
New states shall be based on the results of this referendum.
The remedy for a failed marriage is divorce.
And the remedy for a warring, failed state is new state creations
Bangladesh, East Timor, South Sudan, Eritrea stand as recent examples.

If Britain does not help unravel this expedient gossamer.
Then its creation of Nigeria is an act of wickedness and not political oversight.
Africastallestman urges Britain to do the right thing


  1. 1914,how I hate that year, in which the amalgamation was instituted, without due and proper consideration or most importantly, of the cultural and deep different views of themselves and the world, in terms of their religions. An almost indelible imprint in the African world, similar to 1884-5 scramble for and partition of Africa. What indeed was Africa’s sin?…just being created black and thereof, subject to humiliation by world peoples. Oh Africa!!!, were are you going to run to…

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