If God wanted all humans to be equals, God would have made all humans look alike at least in appearance, if not in all attributes. Since God did not do this, it is obvious that we are all differently endowed by God.

For those who believe in the Big Bang Theory and evolution, it follows that humans are differently endowed, depending on their evolutionary superiority. When you mix God with evolution, you get a toxic mix of human prejudices, inequities, and superiority complexes as currently exists in the world.

If a human acquires the technology to fashion a killing machine before another human by evolution, that human with the killing machines feels that he/she has been blessed with a means of subjugating other humans. That human will continue to exercise this dominance until God or technological evolution physically removes the killing machine from the “superior” human, or the subjugated human evolves a more lethal killing machine to reclaim his/her rights.

In the extant days of colonialism, “superior” (more lethally armed) races will invade a land domiciled by “inferior” (peaceful) people and claim to have discovered people and civilizations much older than their own civilizations. They bold-facedly proceed to rename landmasses, rivers, lakes, and mountains with existing names after their kings, queens, and benefactors.

The technological superiority of the invaders consequently changes to economic superiority through exploitation of human, material, and natural resources of the conquered inferior people. When one feels that God has given him/her a superior endowment, no type of legislation can confer the same rights on the disadvantaged race, for the lawmakers, lawyers, jury, army, police, and judges all come from the “superior” race. People can actually hide under the law to perpetuate discrimination, using other excuses. Employers use terms such as lack of experience, overqualified, and lack of fit to justify their hatism (racism).

The only law that can have the desired effect of equalizing races will never be enacted by any politician for fear of impeachment, non-reelection or even physical harm up to and including death. This is a law that mandates that the racial distribution of the country be reflected in all areas of government, commerce, education, media, employment, law, and the uniformed services. In America, there are laws against discrimination in housing, employment, credit, and education sectors that are rarely enforced. Africastallestman is proposing new laws that would mandate proportional representation of the races in all spheres of human life. America mandated that the Iraqi Parliament after the US invasion reflect the proportion of Sunnis and Shias in Iraq. Why not have a similar law in America that mandates that the US Congress reflect the races as they are proportionally distributed in America? This would be a good beginning.

If humans are serious about equality, then the following legislation should be passed and enforced with severe penalties for noncompliance:
1. At the national level, all elective offices must be proportionally distributed according to the National racial census figures.
2. While locally, the proportion of elected officials will be the local proportion of the races.
3. If a town has 80% black people, then the police force should be 80% black. The same applies to the Fire service, garbage collectors, dog catchers, etc.
4. If General Electric (GE) has a plant with good paying jobs in a neighborhood where 75% is black, then the plant has to have 75% black employees. If there are not enough qualified black people locally, to fill the job slots, GE has to hire black folks from other towns or implement a training program to produce qualified people to hire.

In Detroit, a majority black town, the Detroit Medical Center has been in existence for over 100 years, but you can count the number of black doctors at the institution on the fingers of one hand. The few black doctors are in the lowest paying fields of medicine. What an injustice! All these are happening despite the Civil Rights or Racial Equalization Bills of the 1960s! Therefore, Africastallestman believes that you cannot legislate equality. Equality is a humanist attribute that transcends religion and is only attainable by a few humans in their lifetimes.

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