There have been concerted efforts by the media, hatists (racists), and misguided black people to deride the “Black Lives Matter Movement” as hypocritical. A reality check is in order here. Both black on black violence and police violence against blacks are the products of hatism (see “Racism is Good and Hatism is Bad”).

Slavery continues in America without the physical chains. The modern-era chains are economic chains, housing chains, educational chains, employment chains, political chains, media chains, discrimination chains, legal chains, location chains, and police chains.

There is no wealth in the black population in America. Blacks inherit poverty from their parents, but whites inherit wealth. Most white entrepreneurs, including Donald Trump, received funding from their parents. A brilliant black entrepreneur who seeks bank financing is turned down, and the loan officer turns over his or her proposal to somebody else. The loan officer is unafraid of any legal consequences because poor people do not sue. The disillusioned entrepreneur sinks further into the quick sands of poverty or seeks a low-paying job at a fast food restaurant. This is one form of economic chain.

In housing, blacks are chained into slums marked by red lines on lenders’ maps. No loans will be made to black folks inside the red lines. Real estate agents will only show you properties in your section of town. Landlords will not rent to you, because of the color of your skin. This is the housing chain.

Educational chaining means that schools in poor school districts that are mainly black are underfunded compared to affluent school districts that are mainly white.

In employment, you are denied employment unfairly, or you are underpaid, compared to your white peers, that is, if you are lucky to be offered a job. A “criminal record,” which you acquired because of economic circumstances beyond your control, is used against you. A recent University of Michigan study showed that when the criminal record box is excluded from employment forms, employers resort to using black- sounding names to exclude black applicants. This is the unemployment chain.

In American politics, financial might equals political might. Under the guise of free speech, your opponent with deep pockets can convince a largely illiterate pool of voters that you are worse than Lucifer. Apologies to Devil worshippers! Without money, black candidates are at a disadvantage. Voter suppression, sanctioned by the Supreme Court, excludes black voters from the polls in several states. Coincidentally, these are states with Republican dominated legislatures. This is a pervasion of democracy, because real democracy protects minority rights. Laws targeted at the black population in some Southern States may exclude as many as 50 percent of eligible black voters from the voting process in the next decade. These laws exclude the so-called felons from the polls when it is a well-known fact that most politicians are felons in the making. Honest politicians are as rare as the two-horned unicorn. This is the political chain.

The media always seeks illiterate, unkempt, and ineloquent black people to act as spokespersons for the black race in times of disasters or upheavals. Inarticulate sports personalities are also favored spokespersons. Black actors play doctors and judges on television. In the real world, black doctors and judges pale in proportion to the percentage of the population who are black. This is the media chain.

No significant news outlet is black-owned or black-controlled. Historically, blacks have been portrayed as pimps, drug dealers, and criminals on the big screen. The hostility between newly arrived African immigrants and slave descendants is wholly due to the negative portrayal of blacks on the big screen worldwide. Black actors are killed off in the first 15 minutes of a movie. Under the guise of “fair and balanced reporting,” the hatist view is amplified and given undue prominence in national debates. Thanks to Fox News. This is the media chain.

The media amplifies and propagates fictitious black welfare queens that politicians create to give illiterate white people the impression that blacks are leeches, bleeding the welfare system to death.

As the Center for Investigative Reporting discovered, mostly wealthy white people use welfare grants for education, recreation, and ideological purposes.

Financial grants that will reduce poverty have been curtailed or eliminated. Requirements for financial assistance that impose dubious educational or work requirements on recipients have further impoverished those who are supposed to be helped by welfare and enriched the pockets of mainly white businesses. This is the discrimination chain.

The legal system uses an antiquated jury selection system to deny blacks justice. With the peremptory dismissal of the token two black jurors on the jury pool, you are left with a jaundiced all-white jury of your “peers” who have been poisoned by the media chain.

Under the banner of “War on Drugs,” crack cocaine got you a life imprisonment while powdered cocaine got you a slap on the wrist. Why? Black folks prefer crack cocaine. A white Massachusetts judge known for sentencing blacks to very long jail terms for drug infractions will exonerate white offenders without any time in jail! Most prosecutors and judges are white. Your chances of justice increase if your attorney is also white unless you have Johnny Cochran on your side. Nevertheless, Johnny Cochran is dead, and a Johnny Cochran is rare amongst white attorneys. The death penalty is used more on black offenders when the victim is white – echoes of Jim Crow. This is the legal chain.

Most crimes are local. This is the location chain. Dire economic circumstances, lack of education, and discrimination in employment and housing, coupled with easy availability of firearms, mean that guns now settle scores hitherto settled with your fists. The black drug supplier lives in the same red-lined location as the black distributor. Drug supplers use gun violence to discourage drug or money diversion by drug distributors. Since there are no white people dealing drugs in black neighborhoods, there are no white people to shoot when drug deals go awry. If America is not segregated, and the drug culture remains the same, we will be talking about American on American violence and not black on black violence. Guatemala and Mexico are prime examples of countries with higher murder rates than America because of their booming drug business. There are black Mexicans and black Guatemalans, but there is no epidemic of black on black violence in those countries. It is Mexican on Mexican violence and Guatemalan on Guatemalan violence. The location chains makes black on black violence inevitable in America.

The police were the enforcers of segregation, discrimination, and hatism in the era of chain slavery and Jim Crow. Some of these police officers were members of the Ku Klux Klan —KKK. There are serving police officers who belong to the KKK. The practice of having several generations of the same family enlisting in the local police force means that some hatist tendencies are handed down from generation to generation. Black enclaves in white towns are more heavily policed than the white sections of town. Consequently, more arrests and citations are issued to black people. Whites use marijuana at a higher rate than blacks, but blacks are imprisoned at a much higher rate than whites. Where were the police when lynching parties were organized by white mobs? The police were part of the KKK and probably in the audience cheering the lynchers.

Recently a Ku Klux Klan member was dismissed from a police unit in Florida. It may be difficult to tell how many undeclared Ku Klux Klan members or sympathizers are current police officers, but I believe that the number is significant. Any police officer who pulls a gun on a black person in circumstances not warranting the use of force should be investigated for hatism.

In conclusion, both black on black violence and police on black violence are rooted in hatism. Already, Blacks are killing enough blacks due to circumstances beyond their control that they do not need the police to add to the killings.

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