The modern world as we live, breath and die in it today took the efforts of racists who conceived and laid the initial foundations. Racists are people who favor their own race or to put it simply, people who love people that look, dress, speak, think, eat, smile, fart, have sex, give birth, and die like them. Imagine what a chaotic conundrum it would have been for the Romans speaking Latin, Chinese speaking Mandarin and Africans speaking Igbo sitting around in the Roman Coliseum and planning to build an aqueduct to bring water from the River Tiber to the Amphitheater and its surroundings.

First they cannot understand themselves, the Roman wants Ravioli Enchitana for lunch, the African Ofe Onugbu na Akpu, and the Chinese wants King Chao’s Chicken with Tao Chow Mein. Given our human frailties, when you do not understand what somebody is saying, that person might as well be trying to kill you. In the Bible, the builders of the Tower of Babel would be familiar with this concept of racism. They failed to complete the tower because they could not understand themselves.

On the other hand, when Romans planned those aqueducts by themselves and for themselves, every Roman present and perceptive at the meeting was able to contribute effectively to the discussion. The result was a functional, well-executed and beautiful piece of engineering. However, the magnitude of the work may overwhelm the Romans so much that they start looking southwards to Africa and eastwards to China for uncompensated labor. Those hapless Chinese and Africans are essentially kidnapped from their homelands and brought forcibly to Rome to build the aqueducts. They are not permitted to live, eat, sleep, and die in the same part of Rome as the Romans. There lies the origin of slums in history. Do not confuse these slums with slums built by the poor in their own communities such as the slums of Lagos, Nigeria and Mumbai, India. The Roman slums were slums built by the Romans for foreign slave labor.

Those slave laborers did not have to leave their homelands. If Romans were willing to pay the full price of their aqueducts, Roman laborers will have quickly abandoned their vineyards and farms for the construction sites. The Romans trying to better their lives through provision of water supply is racism. The Romans employing slave labor to build their aqueducts is hatism.
African explorers such as Wankodemus and Chinese explorers such as Chan Chi Yu may discover Rome on one of their travels and the concept of the aqueduct. On returning to their homelands, they may start the culture of building aqueducts. Most ancient civilizations such as the African, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Arabic, and Roman civilizations started in racially homogenous societies. Contacts with other civilizations resulted in improvements to their civilizations. Western Europe and America enhanced and enriched their civilizations after contacts with the African, Chinese, Indian, and Arabic civilizations.

Hatism is when you dislike other persons because of their color, sex, religious background, sexual orientation, or language and go out of your way to physically humiliate, sexually torture, financially deprive, and mentally abuse that person because they do not look and talk like you. Hatism is a white man tying a black man to the rear bumper of a pickup truck and dragging that individual for miles until he dies. Hatism is hanging a black man on a tree for talking to a white woman who incidentally initiated the conversation. Hatism is using weapons of mass destruction on another race because they do not look like you. Hatists, that is people who believe and practice hatism will never believe that somebody who does not look, dress, and speak like them can have superior mental and physical endowments. One such hatist once labeled an intelligent, well-accomplished black doctor as his favorite black doctor and not his favorite doctor!!

The most blatant form of hatism exists in Russia, India, China, and America where you can be killed without any consequence whatsoever because of your black skin color. It is even more disheartening when a so-called jury of your “peers” acquits the murderer(s).
Africastallestman will tackle the jury system of injustice in a future post.


  1. You have replied to the current American situation, and racial war, so adequately that you may well entitle you comments as: the current American problem is not racism, but simply Hatism. That will actually manifest to the fullest our current in depth issue of lack of recognition of certain groups, blacks to be sure, as I personally believe.

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