Nigerians and Africans abhor corruption when they are not the beneficiaries. When they are the beneficiaries, corruption is termed “sharing the National Cake.” To ensure that this cake is equitably distributed, Africastallestman is proposing rules for sharing it.

Firstly, there must be benchmarks for corruption. Any deviation from these benchmarks shall attract severe penalties, including jail sentences.
1. Contracts: 10% or less of total award sum.
2. Policemen at illegal checkpoints: N20.00
3. Policemen at legal checkpoints: N50.00
4. Army personnel at checkpoints: N100.00
5. University admissions: N50,000.00
6. First Class Degree: N1,000,000.00.00
7. Second Class Upper: N500,000.00
8. Second Class Lower: N250,000.00
9. Third Class: N100,000.00
10. A grade in an exam: N20,000.00
11. B grade in an exam: N15,000.00
12. C grade in an exam: N10,000.00
13. Forestall electricity disconnection: N1,000.00
14. Fake tax return: N5,000.00
15. Tax Police: N250.00
16. ICPC: N250,000.00
17. CCB: N50,000.00
18. Fake affidavit: N2,000.00
19. Environmental Police: N200.00
20. Civil Defense: N100.00
21. Road Safety Corps: N300.00
22. Peace Corps: N100.00
23. Customs: N1000.00
24. Vigilante Group: N50.00
25. Extrajudicial Murders: N1,000,000.00
26. Perversion of Justice: N500,000.00
27. EFCC: N1,000,000,000.00
28. DSS: N10,000.00
29. Task Force Police: N200.00
30. War Against Indiscipline Police: N100.00
31. StateTraffic Management Police: N200.00
32. HISBA (Sharia) Police: N500.00
33. Kaiser Kick Against Indiscipline Police: N50.00
34. Miscellaneous: N50.00

The rousing reception accorded Governor James Ibori on his return from a holiday in a British jail shows that his corruption benefited his people. When a government fights corruption, you expect economic growth and prosperity. However, when there are no tangible economic results, despite huge announced recoveries of looted money, there are grounds for suspicion. Most Nigerians will prefer a corrupt government with economic growth to a “saintly” government with economic recession bordering on depression.

Africastallestman believes that having set rates of corruption will make corruption more transparent and weed out the greedy bad eggs who exceed published rates. A corruption police with broad powers of enforcement will be responsible for investigating unscrupulous individuals who exceed the published rates.

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