Why Would Any Sane Person Worship The Same God With His/Her Oppressors?

Why Would Any Sane Person Worship The Same God With His/Her Oppressors?

A middle aged, uneducated in the Western lexicon, African man in his fifties made a statement that left an indelible impression on me. He said, “The colonists came to Africa with the Old Testament. They looted, raped, and pillaged Africa and Africans as documented in the Old Testament. When Africans woke up to their deceit, they introduced the New Testament which preaches forgiveness, patience, and tolerance. According to this part of the Bible, if somebody gives you an eardrum shattering slap on the right ear, you are obligated to turn the left ear for more punishment in the form of another dirty slap.

In economic terms, if I stole half of your gold reserves, you are obligated to forfeit the rest of the gold to me. There are only two reasonable and tenable positions that can explain the relationship of God to the black race.
The first one is that there are two Gods, a black God and a white God, and the white God is more powerful than the black God.
The second one is that there is one God who favors the white race over the black race.

Why would God allow the black man to be subjected to such horrible, demeaning, and homicidal treatment by every other race?
Therefore, pretending to worship and attend the same church/mosque/temple services with people that God have deemed to be your superiors will not solve your problems. A more sensible approach will be to create a parallel religion devoted to your own God in the hope that your God can change your fortunes. With the increased numbers of followers, your God can take the fight to the other Gods.
The situation during slavery was ridiculous.

A Christian enslaves you, made possible by the will of his/her God and you foolishly pray to the same God to deliver you from slavery. According to the New Testament, if the slave traders kidnap one of your children, you should offer another one to the kidnappers for kidnapping!
Physical slavery was abolished when blacks disobeyed the New Testament and started engaging in civil disobedience. Maybe, a similar approach will help end economic slavery.

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