As scientists try to unravel the brain, the more unraveled their brain becomes in the process. Our brain is so simple yet so complex but understanding the complexity becomes child play, when we realize that our brains are compartmentalized into 7 autonomous areas that may act in concert with other areas or decides to act independently. Scientists call it multiple personality syndrome but Africastallestman would prefer multiple brain syndrome. Below is an attempt to explain the brain:

1. Knowledge Brain: This brain’s development is hindered only by the availability of resources and exposure.
2. Movement Brain: Makes all movements possible. Athletes excel in developing this part of the brain.
3. Feeling Brain: All feelings from touch through pressure and pain to temperature are controlled by this brain.
4. Sex Brain: A primitive part of the brain. A professor of medicine caught having unprotected sex with the cleaning lady under the staircase is using this part of the brain.
5. Common Sense Brain: The name is deceiving. It is not common at all. It is poorly developed in most people. There will be no Presidential Candidate Trump or Chancellor Hitler if this part of the brain is common.
6. Religious Brain: Another primitive part of the brain. It’s primitivity cuts across all races. This part of the brain is at work when a Hindu Indian professor of public health bathes in the cesspool, called River Ganges, to cleanse himself or herself of impurities, that can be only be possible using the impure River Ganges.
7. Superstitious Brain: The more pigment or melanin in your skin, the more you have of this brain. The distinguished African Professor of Nuclear Physics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who was bitten last night by witches from his village in Africa is manifesting the dominance of this part of the brain.

Common sense brain’s efforts to modulate the other parts of the brain may compromise it, resulting in mental illness or if you are politically correct, lunacy.

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