One listening to Alhaji Lamido Sanusi, the Emir of Kano during his Ted Talk of 2013 would think that President Goodluck Jonathan invented corruption. But Alhaji Sanusi was just acting out the script of a power grab designed by the “so-called Kaduna Mafia.” If he were interested in discussing corruption, he should have started with Nigeria’s founding fathers, who replaced the British as overlords because they could speak the same language. They had no vision of where Nigerians were going or if they had one, it was never articulated. How can a premier of one region vow never to employ Nigerians from other regions, except on contract? This same individual is being idolized to this day by Northerners!

Next came the murderous and long-lasting military interregnum, dominated by Northern officers, except for a brief stint by General Obasanjo. They looted and plundered Nigeria that at one time 2.8 billion dollars disappeared into thin air and has not been found till today. President Buhari was head of the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation) at that time. Oil blocs belonging to the Nigerian Nation were allocated to girlfriends, hairdressers, sycophants, and people of dubious character. As the nation wallowed in darkness and poverty, the privileged few became so rich that they would not drink Nigerian water. It was imported Perrier™️ or nothing!

Buhari’s second coming, after his timely overthrow by General Ibrahim Babangida, was as head of the PTF (Petroleum Trust Fund), created by the thieving Abacha regime, to disburse windfall oil revenues. An audit of the PTF by the civilian Obasanjo regime of 1999 found 25 billion Naira missing under the watch of ” honest” General Buhari ( He ran the PTF as a personal slush fund for Northern Nigeria. The looting civilian regime of Shehu Shagari could be compared to the Jonathan administration.

Shehu Shagari and Goodluck Jonathan stood idly by as their acolytes financially raped the nation.

Lamido Sanusi as Central Bank of Nigeria Governor did not live up to the high moral standards, that he advocates on his Ted Talk. He disbursed 100 million Naira of CBN money to Moslem victims of the Kano Boko Haram attack in 2012. After a public outcry, he decides to donate something, not 100 million, but 25 million Naira, to Christian victims of the 2011 Christmas Day Madalla bombing. If this is not corruption, what is it? The donation must have smoothed his way to the Emirship of Kano with Nigeria’s money. Constitutional lawyer and human rights activist, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, accused Lamido Sanusi of spending N1.257 billion in 2012 on private guards and lunch for policemen in his capacity as CBN Governor. Did I hear corruption –

President Jonathan should have fired “President Sanusi” for financial misappropriation but let him carry on with his financial debauchery because he was courting the Northerners. Meanwhile they were plotting his downfall.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Sanusi, the saint, in his corrupt manner, donates 14 billion Naira to Northern Universities –

To hoodwink the unwearied, he donates a measly 500 million Naira to the University of Benin in the South. Just as his donation earns him the Emirship of Kano, his donation to the University of Benin earns him the Pro Chancellorship of the University. These cases are in the public domain.

Alhaji Lamido Sanusi, the Emir of Kano is a major shareholder and director of Seplat/Platform Petroleum, operators of the ASUOKPU/UMUTU Marginal Field. Did he win the oil block through a transparent bidding process?

He could kick off the anti-graft process by returning the oil block to its owners – Nigerians in general, and the Niger Deltans in particular.

Africastallestman does not know what President Goodluck Jonathan did to the West but the White House and White Hall wanted him out at all means and preferred a Moslem Northern replacement.

President Obama lent his campaign adviser, Mr. David Axelrod to advise the Buhari campaign machine and David Cameron invited him to Chatham House. Hold it, those of you, who will say that Chatham House is independent. It is as independent as the Archbishop of Canterbury is independent from the Queen of England.

If Africastallestman can see that Buhari cannot preside over Nigeria, the West must have seen this too. Their anti-corruption crusade is a ruse because the proceeds of African corruption are lodged in Western banks and economies. That the organizers of the Ted Talk did not know that Lamido Sanusi is chameleonic is a lie because the evidence is in the public domain. His allegation that 20 billion dollars is missing from the Petroleum Account may be a way of diverting attention from himself. Africastallestman is not condoning corruption by Sanusi or the Jonathan administration, but every allegation must be fully investigated, and restitutions sought from the culprits.

The other day, Africastallestman was watching Public TV and they lied that Nigerian prostitutes in Italy are patronized mostly by Africans. Africastallestman has been to Italy and has seen these girls being picked up by White Italians. In fact, some of them like the black saddle so much, that they marry the girls. The Ted Talk is also sponsored by NPR (National Public Radio). For reasons best known to them, they distort events to suit their particular point of view.

Having being part of the change bandwagon, whose only change is change of the presidency to the North, Lamido Sanusi is now offering mild criticisms of the Buhari administration, to continue to remain relevant. President Jonathan was timid, but the nation prospered. His failure to fire a manipulative Alhaji Professor Attahiru Jega, the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) Chairman, that registered more voters in war ravaged states than in peaceful states was his greatest undoing.

States in the North East Zone of Nigeria, the hotbed of the Boko Haram insurgency such as Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Taraba, and Yobe recorded an average of 87.09% PVC (Permanent Voter Card) distribution. The peaceful South West Zone recorded an average PVC (Permanent Voter Card) distribution of 69.80% compared to a national average of 81.98%. These are simple averages, a weighted average may reveal an even more lopsided distribution of PVCs in favor of the war zone.

The North West Zone where Buhari has his power base, and where there are riots whenever Buhari loses a Presidential election, recorded the highest average of 92.64%. Muhammadu Buhari had lost the previous 3 Presidential elections that he contested.

In the 2011 election, his supporters killed Southerners because Buhari lost. (

Buhari made this threat before the election, “God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way. If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’’ A Presidential Candidate using God’s name to threaten violence is unprecedented anywhere in the world (

When the 2015 election was rigged in his favor, the opposition conceded to avoid Buhari unleashing mayhem on Nigerians.

The United Nations needs a Alhaji Prof. Attahiru Jega to organize elections in war torn areas of the world such as in Aleppo, Syria. He may even end up with a Nobel Peace Prize! Leaders must have the testicular or mammary fortitude to do the right thing. Angela Merkel of Germany has the mammary fortitude.
Africastallestman would not be surprised if Emir Lamido Sanusi abdicates the Emirship of Kano to become President of Nigeria if he can scheme his way into that office.

4 thoughts on “SAINT SANUSI!

    1. Sanusi’s Father was not banished to Nasarawa. He was banished to Azare.

      Emir Alhaji Jokolo defeated his banishment order in court.

      Emir Alhaji Lamido Sanusi shall go to court to restore his liberties but shall refuse restoration to the throne to pursue politics.

      The current Nigerian Military Decree masquerading as a Constitution does not recognize banishment.

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