An erstwhile governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi went on social media to make a series of self-serving statements to resurrect his sagging and soon to be moribund political career. His last-ditch effort to become a Senator, having fizzled, he decides to stage a kamikaze comeback by trying to sell a bunch of lies to the gullible. And did the gullible swallow? Yes, they swallowed the bait, sinker, and line. I will dissect his arguments, using his antecedents as proof of his hypocrisy and self-indulgence.

1. When people were protesting peacefully for Biafra, Governor Peter Obi could have ignored them, but with his support and endorsement, peaceful demonstrators were mutilated by gunfire in the hands of the security forces. Those who survived ended up as fish meal in the River Niger. This action earned him a slap by a Massobite at the funeral of C. C. Onoh. This is worse than being slapped by the Devil. How are his listeners going to stage a revolution without peaceful protests which he did not tolerate during his tutelage?
2. Whilst in office, he borrows an automobile from a neighboring state to ferry the rotund President Olusegun Obasanjo because his official “non-armored” Peugeot will crumble under the weight of Obasanjo! He is frugal, and his brother governor is frivolous! This is vintage Peter Obi. A more reasonable action would have been to make Obasanjo ride in Obi’s official car. When the overburdened automobile crumbles under his weight, the manufacturers will upgrade their products to world standards.
3. Peter Obi as governor collected billions of Naira in security votes. As a banker and miser who keeps meticulous account of how much ogili* the government house cook used in cooking onugbu** soup, we would like to see a breakdown of how he spent the security vote. Lest he not forget, the 250 million Naira found in the trunk of a government car.
4. Peter Obi, the consummate democrat was the Chairmen of all the 21 local government areas in Anambra State. He refused to conduct local government elections. He managed all the revenue due the local governments. The caretaker managers were in no position to embezzle any funds as Peter Obi controlled all the money. So, there was no possibility of the caretaker Chairpersons misappropriating any funds. What a farce of a democrat?
5. Anambra has the best road network because of the efforts of his predecessor, Governor Chris Ngige. Ngige refused to play by the stupid Okija rules imposed by Chris Uba and used his road building efforts to win the minds of the people. Peter Obi following Ngige had no choice but to continue with the road building. When you swear by the Okija Shrine, you are bound to do your sponsor’s bidding or something terrible will happen. Ngige refused to play and nothing happened to him. This is another teachable moment for the bireligious (practice foreign and traditional religions simultaneously) Nigerians. Peter Obi’s roads are inferior to those of Ngige but continued to open up the Anambra hinterlands.
6. Peter Obi who vowed to retire into oblivion after his term as a two-time governor tried to stage an unsuccessful comeback as a PDP Senator. If he succeeded in his quest to be a Senator, will he be making the statements attributed to him?
7. Peter Obi is a micromanager. He once gloated how he had to negotiate reduced hotel rates for state legislators on a legislative retreat at a WIC (World Igbo Congress) Convention. He appears to be oblivious of the separation of powers. What will be his reaction when the hotelier approaches him for favors? What will a governor be doing in private residences on official visits that ought to take place in the government house? I have been to the government house once, not during Obi’s tenure, and I was only offered water and soft drinks. Not only does Governor Peter Obi indulge himself on these clandestine private visits but he also takes away some food in a dog basket. Nobody entertains you lavishly without expecting some favors. He conveniently forgot to mention the favors he bestowed on his hosts for using their private residences as a government house.
8. I would have expected Peter Obi to roundly and vehemently call for the abolition of security votes for governors and the President, a downward revision of executive and legislative salaries and allowances, a ban on constituency allowance, reduction of the Presidential Airline to two aircrafts, and removal of executive immunity from lawsuits. But Peter Obi would have none of those because he wants to be enjoying that largesse as a future Senator and may be President of Nigeria.
9. Just as Fela Anikulapo Kuti warned about Moshood Abiola, who could not fix a simple phone system, becoming our President, I warned about Buhari coming back as the President of Nigeria because from his antecedents he is not equal to the task.
10. Next, James Ibori will give a speech and gullible Nigerians will hail him as their next Messiah. The problem of Nigerians’ genetic defect continues.
11. Finally, I do give him credit for not appending all types of useless titles and degrees to his name. Paying for a certificate course at Harvard or Oxford University that is open to anybody who can pay the admission fee is not equivalent to a Harvard or Oxford degree. I know people who graduated from lesser known schools that will school a Harvard or Oxford graduate in the same area of specialization. Africastallestman only attended night school!
12. If Peter Obi becomes President of Nigeria, he will have no cabinet. He by himself will constitute the entire Executive Council. Those of you complaining about Buhari keeping the lucrative oil ministry to himself ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ogili* = local spice made of castor oil that is delicious.
Onugbu** = bitter leaf.


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