Nigerians are not full adaptors of any religion, technology, or belief. Any new religion, technology, or belief must pass through the Nigerian prism. Any automobile imported into Nigeria must lose its thermostat on arrival in Nigeria. Africastallestman has protested this automobile mutilation to no avail. Africastallestman notes that the Southwest USA is much hotter than Nigeria in the summer, but they do not remove their thermostats in Arizona in the summer. One broken thermostat that refused to open, when the coolant temperature rose in an automobile 50 years ago, has been generalized to imply that thermostats are unnecessary in Nigeria. A thermostat stuck in the closed position may lead to rising engine temperature and engine death if not replaced. But this may be a good thing, as other failing engine components may be replaced while the failed thermostat is being replaced.

Africans especially Sub-Saharan Africans accepted foreign religions far more readily than any other continent. However, they retained their traditional religion in the background. This acceptance was partial as Nigerian Professors of Nuclear Physics still believe in spiritual attacks. We may ask what is a spiritual attack? Spiritual attacks are the Christian religious equivalents of witchcraft, Voodoo, or Santeria. Practitioners of foreign religions cannot call it witchcraft or voodoo because that is heathen! The common denominator is space travel or spell casting, that is the ability to control, harm, or incapacitate any object including humans that is not within sight. This is like using a remote control to control an electronic appliance without physically touching the appliance. Thus, it is termed “remoting” in Nigerian spiritual attack nomenclature. By remoting, an adversary can strike you with a stroke in America, from Nigeria. By remoting, you wake up from sleep in the dead of night, or is it in your dream, and see three of your adversaries from Nigeria, garbed in the usual white, black, or red robes, in the same room with you and plotting to harm you. You are frightened but you being a Christian and drenched with the blood of Jesus, and the cordon of fire thrown around you by the Holy Spirit Fire, you are spared.

There is no form of ailment or condition that cannot be cast on the susceptible by spiritual attackers. Cancer, poverty, heart attacks, diabetes, migraines, infertility, strokes, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and name any ailment, is readily cast upon any believer of such nonsense by remoting.

However, these remoters still line up at the American Embassy in Abuja waiting for visas which are mostly denied, but they can remote themselves to America to launch spiritual attacks on their adversaries. Why can’t they remote themselves to America?

When you challenge the spiritual attack practitioners to cast a spell on you, their defense is that you have steeled yourself with the highest voodoo, or an antidote and that nothing will affect you. You cannot win an argument with people who believe in the rubbish.

How do you identify persons afflicted with this malady? To the question, “Do you believe in Voodoo or Witchcraft? Their answer is, “Yes it exists but I do not practice it and it will not affect me because I am a Christian.” Persons who give the above answer are bi religious. Not only do they believe in witchcraft, voodoo and remoting, but they will also consult a witch doctor in the middle of the night to solve a pressing problem.

As in my earlier postings, the African/Nigerian conundrum is genetic and can only be solved by gene therapy or head transplantation. When Nigerian scientists purportedly trained in the scientific method believe such nonsense, what do you expect from the illiterate and uneducated masses? Even more of the same bullshit.

Collapsed substandard structures, aircrafts falling out of the sky due to poor maintenance, deaths due to misdiagnoses, and inadequate facilities are all blamed on spiritual attacks. A pastor whose substandard structure collapsed, claimed that the collapse was remoted by a hovering aircraft and some dunces believe such arrant crap.

When will the good spiritual attacks start occurring to clean up the mess named Nigeria? The world will end before that ever happens. I see no resolution to the calamitous leadership and followership in Nigeria and indeed the entire African continent.


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