Animals are animals and can never be kids. I see bumper stickers stating, “My kids have 4 paws.” Excuse me, your bumper sticker should be, “My animal (dog, cat or monkey) has 4 paws.” This animalizing of human children is distasteful and disrespectful to humans who have children. The message to those humans who have children is to discard your children and buy dogs and cats, after all, dogs and cats are children too. A Professor of Pediatrics at a leading US University to be unnamed, stated on NPR (National Public Radio) that his dog behaves like children. Of course, he is childless. Being a professor of pediatrics, which may be in the field of pediatric “vaccinology” (Study of Child Vaccination), does not make him an expert in child behavior. Reading encyclopedia upon encyclopedia of pediatrics does not equate to having actual, life, and breathing children delivered by you or your spouse. The harm done to American Families by the all-knowing Dr. Benjamin Spock is still being remedied.

This animal adulation seems to be more rampant amongst Caucasian humans but who would blame Caucasians. It has been genetically proven that early Caucasians mated with Neanderthals who are very close to the Apes. This genetic exchange may explain why Caucasians sleep with their animals in the same bed, openmouthedly kiss animals, and would shoot to kill, anybody who abuses their animals.
This interbreeding started 100,000 years ago –
To cap it, some humans have been known to bequest all their belongings to animals when they have living human relatives! There should be a law against these bequests so humans can be spared the expense of fighting the nonsense in court.

Newborn humans may be born unable to walk, talk, speak, or feed themselves but they continue to develop and amaze their “owners” every day. Animal intelligence and development is limited. A dog’s bag of tricks is limited and without rewards, the dog will become disobedient. No dog can match a 5-year-old retarded child in wits not to talk about a normal 5-year-old child. Addressing animals as he or she is ludicrous. Animals should be addressed as it or male or female animal period. Or if you prefer ha, ham, and sham. While I sympathize with Caucasians for relating to their Neanderthal cousins, labeling animals as children is unacceptable to humans with real children.

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