Police police
Mobile police
Army police
Navy police
Air Force police
Military police
Road Safety police
Customs police
EFCC police
DSS police
Tax police
Task Force police
Civil Defense police
War Against Indiscipline Police
Ocha Brigade for Environmental Sanitation police
LASTMA (Lagos StateTraffic Management Agency) police
HISBA (Sharia) police
Kaiser Kick Against Indiscipline police

Any of these police agencies can arrest any member of the public except that the polices cannot cross-arrest across services or there will be mayhem. If a police officer arrests an army officer, then the arresting police officers are given a beating of their lives by the army. A Road safety policeman had his eyes plucked out for challenging Army policemen. Any police agency can declare anybody wanted. These police agencies operate outside the law. They flout court orders regularly.

Any state can create its own police force for different functions. Some of these pseudo police agencies operate mobile courts to mete out instant justice. Your punishment is dependent on your status in society, tribe, religion, and party affiliation.

Since States are prohibited from having a State Police, the workaround is to create statutory bodies with police-type functions. These quasi police-type agencies are used to harass non-supporters of the party in power, generate internal revenue (IGR), and as personal bodyguards for elected officials and party functionaries.

As bad, as the Nigerian Police Force is, these quasi police agencies are feared more than the Nigerian Police. An infraction that can be settled with twenty Naira when the Nigerian Police is involved, will escalate to 2,000 Naira when a pseudo police agency is involved.
Nigeria, we hail thee!

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