An erstwhile general and naive Nigerian ruler (unelected) at 31 years has been spearheading a prayer group to cleanse Nigeria of its demons. These demons or Devils if you prefer, include kwaraption, influenceable shamelessness, unabashed nepotism, deplorable roads, poor or nonexistent communications, no electricity, lack of potable water, lack of toilet facilities, open drains and sewers, collapsible buildings and bridges, flying coffins, hunger, underequipped educational facilities, primitive military hardware, etc. have plagued Nigeria since Independence.

Aha! Nigeria become a major oil producer starting in the 1970’s, especially after the 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict and the subsequent Arab oil embargo. As oil revenues flowed into the nation’s coffers, the young paper general (never fought any war) declared that: “The problem of Nigeria is not money but what to do with it.” One would have thought that he then proceeded to exorcise the nation’s demons by using the oil windfall to upgrade her infrastructure. No, the oil money was spent on festivals, ludicrous salary awards that fueled inflation, paying salaries of other nation’s striking workers, and left to gather dust in the central bank’s vaults after some of the money wondered into private bank accounts through inflated contracts.

God who gave Nigeria all these monies to develop herself was quite angry with the naive, inept, and clueless Nigerian leadership. God tried to counsel General Gowon through President Richard Nixon, but he declined an invitation to visit America because he was too busy counting Nigeria’s oil money! If he had visited America, he would have seen what money can do to a country’s infrastructure. Now, he has been leading a prayer group called “Nigeria Prays” that would exorcize Nigeria’s demonic corruption and infrastructural problems through prayers. As the group prays, and has been praying for 20 years, Nigeria’s economic, financial, infrastructural, environmental, cultural, and moral problems have worsened. If the time spent in praying had been spent in real work trying to address some of Nigeria’s problems, the result might have been different. Prayers not followed by good deeds for the public good is like praying for peace and stockpiling weapons of war including weapons of mass destruction (WMD). WMD in Nigeria are poverty, religion, and ignorance. The strong genetic components to these ailments mean that they may fester for thousands of years until mutation or gene mixing solves the problem.


  1. Long nails on the coffin of our nations woes, indeed. Any solution in the face of mass ignorance? Thanks.

  2. Here is a response to this article from another forum.

    As the Bible says, ‘He makes his rain fall on the just and on the unjust’. God is not partial. We all are His Children through His promises to our father Abraham. His ways are not ours; on the contrary far removed from our ways. However the US prides itself and laws on the Judea-Christian values hence the inscription on their $ notes, ‘In God we trust’. These aforementioned so-called rich countries are as much being bestowed the common grace as the not so well off ones. The difference being they are not lazy! They work hard for their daily bread. We don’t!But measured against the US that has always recognised God’s mercies and goodness, they are cumulatively or collectively no match! Africa is as much prayerful as it is corrupt. The two can’t exist in one breadth. It’s either one or the other. As the Bible again laments, ‘I wish you were either hot or cold; but because you are lukewarm, I’m about to spew you out of my mouth’. Strong admonition!!! It is a complex situation for us mortals but God knows the best. I’m sure you remember some quotes from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, ‘All that glitters is not gold, oft have thou heard it told, many a man his life has sold but my inside to behold’! I end my case

    1. Response By A Prophet:

      Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you. God does talk to humans and since there are no witnesses, you cannot dispute the encounters. God has been talking to other humans since He talked to your Father, Abraham.

      He had talked to Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster (before Abraham) and He is still talking to people today. People such as Adeboye, Born Again Christians, Dead Again Christians, Joshua, Kumuyi, Graham, Robertson, etc are still talking with God.

      God told me that the Africans abandoned their God for a Foreign God. Without the protection of their God, the “hardworking” Europeans and Americans used the “lazy” Africans as slaves to build their riches. After using the Africans, they were confined to slums and ghettos in the White man’s land. God could not help Africans because they were worshipping a Foreign God.

      Corruption is an African word or is it? Is foisting corrupt leaders such as Buhari on Africans, corruption or not? Is buying African resources for nothing and selling refined products to Africans for millions, corruption or not? Is assassinating promising African Leaders, corruption or not? Is collecting tithes from poor people by Religionists such as you, corruption or not? Is denying Africa a veto at the United Nations, corruption or not? Is Christian Britain supplying Islamic HausaFulanis weapons to kill African Christians, corruption or not?

      Until Africans jettison their foreign Gods and revert to the original God of Africa, Africans will always be used by other races. Next time you take your coffee out of the microwave, drink it immediately. Lukewarm coffee kills! I hope that you have medical insurance or Holy Ghost insurance.

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