Coronavirus, Sultan orders special antiviral prayers.
Prayers superior to quarantine and treatment.

Terrorism, Chief of Army Staff orders spiritual attacks on Terrorists.
Meanwhile military budget disappears into thin air.

Lassa Fever, Bishops order special prayers,
Since vaccines are less effective than prayers.

Poverty, Pentecostalists offer special prayers
While, living luxurious lifestyles sustained by poverty of congregations.

Lack of health care, special interdenominational prayers needed,
As Polithefians, Pastors, and Imams engage in medical tourism.

Good roads, to be constructed by prayers,
No roads needed for jet aircrafts of Polithefians, Pastors, and Imams.

Electricity, 20,000 megawatts to be built by praying.
Maybe, God shall send lightning as divine electricity!

Portable water, no problem, pray for water.
With holy water, who needs portable water?

Murderous Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, disarm by praying,
Prayers known to stop bullets and defuse bombs.

Polithefians, vote them in, remove them by praying
Or pray, fast, tithe, and sow to replace them.

Hunger, pray for manna to fall from the skies
Or food to appear miraculously on your dinner tables.

Prayers, a cure-all for all Nigerian problems.
Nigeria, first nation developed by Prayers.

What a misguided and deluded country?

Sultan declares special prayer on coronavirus

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