The Fulanis drive their cattle from the desert and Sahel Northern Nigeria to the deciduous and rain forests of Southern Nigeria for one thing: Money. To make money, they must sell their cattle to the beef-loving and suya-munching people of Southern Nigeria. On their march to Southern Nigeria, their cows trample everything in their paths; farms, other small animals, people, and automobiles. Any attempt to apprehend an errant cow is met with violence up to and including death. To the Fulanis, a dead cow is worth up to 200 dead, disfigured, raped, and homeless human beings.

Is there a solution. Yes, and it is very simple. Stop eating cows until the Fulanis become civilized. During the Nigeria-Biafra War, no cows were driven from the North to the South. People substituted with other sources of protein such as insects, fish, chicken, and rodents. Yes, it can be done again. Southerners can eat fish, poultry, frozen fish (unavailable during the war), local goats, local sheep, snails, insects, wild game (if there are any left) and okporoko (stock fish ) until the Fulanis rethink their aggression. With no market for their cattle, they will drive them all the way to the Atlantic Ocean where they will surely drown. Instead of the Koran being dipped into the Ocean, cows will now be dipped into the Ocean. 

Communities should enact laws that will ostracize anybody found within 10 feet of a Fulani cow. Eating the beef in suya, or any other form will result in extending the ostracism to the entire family of the offender. I support guilty by association in this regard. Only fools buy merchandise from their executioners. If this policy is implemented, the cow Jihad will end immediately.


  1. The common people may agree on this but what about the rich men and women who can’t do without beef

    1. Timothy,
      Anybody who thinks that she/he “can’t do without beef” needs brain engineering. They may be rich monetarily but poor mentally. Assuming that they will die without eating beef for one year, they can import beef from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, and the USA. I understand that some “rich” Nigerians drink only foreign water and rich Americans drink only Nigerian water! Wishful thinking. How senseless and stupid can Nigerians be? Why not add foreign beef to their menu? I understand that the bride price in Cape Verde has gone through the roof because of Nigerians seeking foreign wives while our ladies are amongst the most beautiful in the world. These “money miss road” never worked for their riches! Do your own part my dear and let the fools wallow in ignorance. I refused Suya the other day in Abuja. When they offer their “poison” to you, refuse it. I have stopped eating Fulani beef until they stop killing people. We must fight back with our age-tested customs and tradition such as ostracism. An ostracized rich person is a pauper.

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