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Hot countries are poor not because of diseased, lazy, and infection ravaged animals but because the absence of extreme climate leads to a sense of complacency that dulls innovation. If oxen, mules, and donkeys were so productive why did the Europeans and Americans abandon them and switch to farm machinery? When European criminals were transplanted to subtropical Australia, they continued to excel in development but Africans living in subtropical Africa have failed to transform their environment. Zimbabwe was on its way to economic emancipation until the genetically damaged Africans commandeered the thriving economy.

Nepotism is not an African word. Therefore, nepotism exists in Europe and America. When President G. W. Bush was in office, government offices in Washington were filled with cronies and relatives. Is this not clan-based hiring? A good number of policemen and firefighters in America are the offspring of retired policemen and firefighters. The civil service in America is populated by the offspring of retired state employees. Incompetence becomes ingrained in the culture and any meaningful work is contracted to external institutions. The Flint, Michigan lead poisoning was caused by incompetent Michigan State Employees.

I am not saying that Europeans are genetically superior to Africans because superiority is open to debate. The so called European “superiority” has given us global warming, slave trade, environmental degradation, and mass murders through wars employing enhanced killing methodologies. What I am saying is that Europeans have a different genetic arrangement from the Africans and other darker skinned people. Did their colder climate rearrange their genes, or did they start thinking differently because of the cold weather is an area for research? A human is basically an electric motor controlled by a computer/battery which we call the brain. It is scientifically proven that batteries and computers perform better in colder temperatures. Advantage – Europeans. Battery and computer performance are worse in warm/hot temperatures. Disadvantage- Africans. If you are indoors for 3 or more months a year in frigid temperatures, you’ll start thinking about how to avoid a similar “imprisonment” next winter through innovative thinking that leads to new technological advances in housing, clothing, transportation, and food (nutrition). Basically, you start innovating in the area of food processing and by extension into the areas of building, clothing, and transportation. The tropical person can sleep outside a dwelling all year round in scanty clothing. Not only are the temperatures predictable but the Sun rises and falls predictably at the same time everyday blunting the desire for astronomical inquiries. The African does not need a watch because sunrise and sunset are constant. No wonder the concept of African time persists!

Adversity and natural variability ignites and nurtures innovation. Africans and other darker skinned people closer to them genetically are explainers and not investigators. Every natural event is given a superstitious or supernatural explanation. The Europeans were able to decipher lightning and even create artificial lightning whereas the African and other darker skinned people still think that lightning is a god. The superstitious “dark brain” is not the equivalence of a “religious” brain because the African believes in and gives equal power to all religions. This may explain their rapid acceptance of Christianity and Islam while keeping their traditional religious beliefs and practices. Religion switching and multi-religiosity are the norm. You go to the church or mosque during the day and consult the oracle or Alfa at night. African Catholics will attend Protestant revivals and African Moslems will seek Christian “Prophets” for “miracles” and resurrection of their dead. This is what I call religious duality.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia all meet the 16 degree Celsius temperature cutoff in the autumn but are as poor and corrupt as some African countries. The inhabitants of these countries are phenotypically closer to Africans than the Europeans and I also suspect that genotypically they are closer to Africans than the Europeans. This tells us that African-type people living in colder climates exhibit African-type behavior of corruption, poverty, dictatorial rule and retrodevelopment.

Genetic endowment predetermines economic development. Singapore is in the tropics but is one of the richest countries in the world. If you uproot all the Asians in Singapore and replace them with Black Africans, Singapore will be turned to Ajegunle, Nigeria in one year! Conversely if you replace the black folks in Ajegunle with Asians or Europeans, Ajegunle will be a Singapore in one year! The timeframe for the transformation may be hyperbolic but you get the idea. Simply put the arrangement of the human genes in most Africans explains the institutional, cultural, and superstitious religious idiosyncrasies of the African and darker skinned races. My hypothesis is that melanin may be a surrogate for easy influenceability, shamelessness, a propensity for fraud, graft and in fact misanthropism (against similar people) in the darker skinned races. The darker skinned races are obsequious towards lighter skinned strangers and are vile towards strangers of the same skin hue.

Africans who have lived in the so-called developed world and even helped create development in their diasporic countries will revert to the African way once they relocate to Africa. Their mantra seems to be, emulate your environment. They become agents of retrodevelopment on relocation to Africa instead of agents of change.

No European or Asian would have sold a compatriot to an African slave dealer who suddenly shows up on their doorstep. But Africans who engaged in this hideous trade without any iota of remorse, sold their brethren to complete strangers and damned the consequences. When the time for paying reparation arrives both the slave seller and slave buyer are equally culpable and should pay their fair shares based on their economic worth.

Assuming that photosynthesis is more efficient in colder climates, the availability of year round sunlight and non-frigid temperatures in the tropics and subtropics will offset that photosynthetic advantage of plants in the temperate and cold climates. You can grow food all year-round outdoors in Africa. Africa has 7 great rivers – Nile, Niger, Congo, Senegal, Orange, Limpopo, and Zambezi in addition to huge lakes and aquifers. If farming can be done in desert California, then desert Africans can do the same. Irrigation is underdeveloped in Africa.

Institutions and culture are inseparable and are genetically influenced. The African does not believe in institutions because institutions impede stealing. African politicians in Africa control and operate the treasury unlike their European counterparts, who control but do not operate the treasury. Only in Africa can a President order the Central Bank Director to withdraw billions of dollars from the treasury and bring it in suitcases to his/her residence. The whistleblowers are taciturn because they are busy praying to replace the President so that they can start their own looting by Divine Providence. If institutions are forcibly implemented, they will be rendered irrelevant in a matter of months. The African does not have the gene for accountability to fellow Africans but has the gene for accountability to Europeans. This is called influenceable shamelessness.

Africastallestman does not see any end to the African madness except through genetic engineering. Africastallestman is using Africa as a metaphor for dark skinned people. On a lighter note, if Africans are as advanced as the Europeans, the world may have gone up in flames through global warming. The Europeans should be thanking Africans for being technologically dumb!

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