LET GOD AND PROPHETS FIGHT THEIR OWN BATTLES (Killing in the name of your God or Prophet is most un-Godly)

Since humans embraced Religion as a way to explain the inexplainable such as: “Why are we here?;” “Why is there day and night?;” “Why are there natural disasters?;” and “Why are all humans not of the same color, height and endowed equally and so on?;” there has been an ongoing war amongst the various religions for dominance and relevance. This killing spree comes in cycles and all the various religions, both traditional and faith-based are participants. The carnage by the traditional religions pale relative to mass killings perpetrated by the the faith-based, revealed religions.

Human beings with their limited mental capacity created an image of a male God who is an invisible superhuman that in turn created us and then sits back to watch us annihilate ourselves all in His name. Since our actions do not threaten Him, He is content to watch our human melodrama. When He is threatened by humans trying to gain unauthorized entry into Heaven by building a tower, He intervenes swiftly to abort the effort by making communication amongst the builders impossible!

If God created us and is so powerful and gave us free will as some people claim, then the free will includes the free will to insult God. If God does not like the insult or is threatened by our action, God will act as in the above example.

Therefore, if you have to kill or maim somebody in the guise of defending your God or Prophets from other humans, it is high time you dumped your weak God or Prophet and choose a new God or Prophet that will fight their own battles. It may be sinful to judge and kill people in the name of your God or Prophet. By so doing, you are arrogating to yourself the ultimate Godly power, which is judgement for our actions on the final day.

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