Nigeria has tried National Character, and nothing changed in its body politic. President Muhammad Buhari being the courageous ex-soldier, is now trying Exceptional Character.

Some of his critics use the Military Prepared Nigerian Constitution to fault him for using Exceptional Character.

The President must be allowed to choose the people whom he thinks will move Nigeria out of the deep moral, political, and economic abyss where the country is presently situated.

If all his ministers, special advisers, special assistants, and members of his inner circle are from Daura, Katsina State and the country starts experiencing a resurgence in morality, the economy, and political decorum, then we must applaud and support his effort at sanitizing the Nation.

If he wants to employ foreigners to fight corruption, Buhari must have his way.

If he makes Hausa the official language of Aso Rock to facilitate communication and understanding in his cabinet, he must have his way.

If President Buhari has to interrupt governmental functions to pray and seek guidance from his God, he must have his way.

The President campaigned on a promise of change and Nigerians should not erect obstacles in his way by constraining his choice of appointments.

Nigerians do not want to give the Buhari Administration any opportunity to use National Character as an excuse for failed promises.

Nigerians expect solid and spectacular results from his administration.

May be, President Buhari knows that a particular section of the country has the education, knowledge, morality, and experience to move the country forward.

If his gamble fails, the retribution will be swift and permanent.

Since Buhari is allowed free rein to choose all his appointments from any part of the country without the hindrance of National Character, any failures and shortcomings of his administration demonstrates unequivocally that there is no leadership material in that part of the country from where most of his appointees hail.

Not only will he lose the election in 2019 but that section of the country from where most of appointees hail, will be “white-listed” from holding any significant political and civil service position in the country, until other parts of the country are tried and tested.

His succeeding administration must exclude that part of the country from governance.

It is obvious that Fulanis are not cut for political leadership of Nigeria.

Buhari’s all Fulani Leadership has been a monumental failure.

Fulanis should be confined to managing cows in ranches, not people.


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