Why do smokers think that they have a right to poison nonsmokers. Every human being has a right to breathe clean, unpolluted air. There are already enough pollutants in the air to kill over 5 million people a year according to the Global Burden of Disease project. Even more distasteful, annoying, and probably homicidal is the practice of smoking addicts leaving areas designated for their self-poisoning addiction and intentionally poisoning other nonsmoking individuals by smoking in nonsmoking areas. When you remind them to take their poisonous habit somewhere else, they will look at you with the “proverbial bad eye.” This has not prevented me from telling them not to poison me. If you live in a state in the USA with “Stand Your Ground Laws,” please act with caution because a hatist can shoot you for politely protesting against being poisoned. Afterall, you are invading his ground by politely informing him not to poison you. Why there are no world-wide laws against smoking in public is unfathomable? Ban Ki-moon, I know that you are a kind-hearted man. I implore you to bring this issue up at the next General Assembly meeting. If any of my readers has a personal relationship with the urbane gentleman, please bring his attention to this dastardly act that contributes to global warming.

Apart from air pollution, there is also physical pollution, whereby smoking addicts flip their ashes out of moving cars and dump cigarette butts everywhere. There should also be laws against this bad practice that can start huge fires in windy conditions. I am not against self-immolation but do it in the confines of your home if there are no minors around. Smoking in the presence of children should be a felony. Thank you Edinburgh, Scotland for leading the way in civilized smoking since 2006.

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