A well-dressed executive is walking to his office from his car. Halfway, a beggar dragging a cart full of his belongings approaches him and the following conversation ensued. 

Beggar: “Good morning, sir.”

Executive: “Good morning to you too and how are you doing?”

Beggar: “Thank you sir, I am blessed. Can you spare a dollar?”

Executive: “Since you are already blessed by God, you do not need a dollar from me.”

Beggar: “Sir, I have not eaten in 24 hours, please give me just one dollar so I can eat breakfast.”

Executive: “God’s blessing for you may be hunger because blessings come in various forms. Next time you need money, do not tell your benefactor that you are blessed because a blessed homeless person is better than a cursed wealthy person in God’s eye.”

The executive gave the beggar five dollars and he became so excited that he hugged the executive leaving smudges of dirt on his clothing. The executive was so happy that somebody appreciated him. He had left the house that morning after a quarrel with his trophy wife who wanted a Ferrari for her birthday instead of a Porsche Turbo. He was happy to make someone’s day with the equivalent of the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee.

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