I find it outlandishly preposterous that the fathers of the Civil Rights Movement failed to realize that you cannot legislate equality. White people discriminate against white people. Northern Italians think that Southern Italians are inferior, Western Europeans consider Eastern Europeans as inferior, Northern Europeans think that Southern Europeans are created on God’s off day and not made of the same materials as them. In America, the Yankees feel superior to the Rebels. All these discriminations persist despite laws prohibiting them.

Now, why would a white person who brought Africans from Africa in chains like animals be forced to treat blacks as his equals when the same white people do not consider all whites as equals. The maltreatment meted out to early Italian and Irish immigrants is still fresh in our minds. I must congratulate the Americans who have accepted black people as humans but being equal is something else. There are and there will continue to be white Americans who will never accept the fact that blacks are humans and created by the same God or “Big Bang” as them. I sympathize with them. There are still caste systems that exist in Africa today where blacks consider other blacks as inferior. Intermarriage across castes is taboo and may lead to ostracization of the “superior” human. This practice persists despite the wide acceptance of Christianity, Islam and other foreign religions by Africans.

What white America owes black people is payment for their kidnapping from Africa and for their labor that built America. Call it reparation if you may. Some Blacks may collect their payment and decide to continue living in America. Others may decide to relocate to a less hatist environment and some may gang up to create a new country. Those who remain in America and continue to suffer hatism have themselves to blame. Some researchers have suggested that hatism decreases when incomes of Blacks and other minorities exceed six figures. It is reduced but does not disappear. Therefore, those Blacks who get their payments and decide to remain in America should not complain about hatism. With reparation payments currently estimated at over $5,000,000.00 per slave descendant, they should be able to hire a private police force that reduces the likelihood of being assassinated by the police in broad daylight and in full public view.

Superior people pay their bills when due and I believe that white America will eventually own up and pay for slave labor. It is the right thing to do and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X should have been agitating for payment for labor performed and not for civil rights or equal treatment.

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