If you want a Northern President
To succeed Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari
I am your Northern Candidate
I am sick and Atiku is sick
Every Nigerian knows that we are sick
Even our dogs know that we are sick
We saw the same doctors at the Hospital for Unknown Illnesses in London
After our Chatham House engagements

When I die, you get a Shettima
A young Northern Islamic President
When Atiku dies, you get an Okowa
A young Southern Christian President
Do you want a repeat of Yar’Adua –Jonathan?
Buhari survived because he was treated in London at the Hospital for Unknown Illnesses and
A stubborn Yar’Adua died in Jeddah at the King Abdul-Aziz Hospital.

My own illness is incurable and
My successor will be a Northern Islamic President
Britain and Chatham House agree on
Nigeria having a Northern Islamic President to succeed Buhari
Remember, how Britain rigged the 1959 Nigerian Elections
They do not want a young Southern Christian President
A Southern “J.P. Clark” running with a younger Northern Alhaji
Will have easily won this election.
When “J.P. Clark” dies, he is replaced by the young “Alhaji”

The first to be invited to Chatham House
Always wins the Nigerian Presidential Election
It is not about how well you perform at Chatham House
A President governs with advisers
What about the Youth?
Will they convert #End Sars to #End rigging?
Don’t worry, a few hundreds of thousands of dollars and
Juicy appointments for their leaders in
My administration shall douse the situation

Okay, we will use our Alhaji at INEC to
Manipulate the election to
Ensure your victory
Forget the BVAS
If things go wrong
We will deny any knowledge of this conversation
Thanks, Kaduna Mafia, you always deliver
My victory shall consolidate the Islamization
Initiated by Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari
Thanks for your help, advice, and support!

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