Love, is it a feeling — Yes
Love, is it an emotion — Yes
Can Love be seen — Yes
Can Love be felt — Yes
Can Love be heard — Yes
Can Love start a ‘fire’ — Yes
Can Love turn to Hate — Yes
Can Love fade – Yes
Can Love be extinguished — Yes
Yes, Love is everything!

Why does Love take so many forms?
Because Love is unquantifiable
Because Love is blind
Love does not see color
Nor does Love see height, girth,
Physical incongruities, and incompatibilities
These may fuel rather than dim Love
Love has altered history
Sometimes for the good
Sometimes for the bad.

Adults commit adultery because of love
Saints steal because of love
Persons kill because of love
Unrequited Love is gut-wrenching
Gut-wrenching worse than
Unrequited hunger or prayers
The best way of experiencing Love is
To have Love and then lose it
It is akin to the Insane gaining Sanity!
Everyone needs to experience Love.

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