Nigerian Railways, sold to the Chinese.
Nigeria Air, sold to the Ethiopians.
Nigerian Refineries, “sold” to Dangote.
NNPC, to be sold to the Norwegians.
Nigeria is in negotiations with the US
To sell Nigerians to the Americans.
The only stumbling block is the demand by
Nigerians that chattel slavery be expunged
From the bilateral binding agreement.

China Railways, managed by Nigerians in China.
Dangote Refineries, run by Nigerians.
Norwegian Oil, run by Nigerians in Norway.
“Slaves” in America are managed by Nigerians in America.
Is the Nigerian Government incompetent to
Manage Nigeria or are Nigerians considered
Incompetent managers by the Nigerian Government?
What an a.s of a Government!

With all the selling of Nigerian assets
Could Nigeria have sold the
Nigerian Presidency, possibly to
Another African country?
If you said Sudan, that’s your opinion.
Has any highly endowed country been
So badly managed as Nigeria has been
Mismanaged for 62 years — NO and NO.

NSIA not amongst owners of Nigeria Air, minister backtracks’s%20Aviation%20Minister%20Hadi%20Sirika,government%20initially%20claimed%20on%20Friday.

Nigeria air: How Ethiopian airlines won major stake – Vanguard News

We’ll borrow, sell national assets to fund N10.78trn 2023 budget deficit — Buhari

One thought on “NIGERIA IS FOR SALE!

  1. The giant of Africa has since become the laughing stock of the world. It’s like the biblical salt that has been converted into laterite because it has lost its saltiness and is therefore unfit for its primary purpose. The whole thing is occasioned by extreme wickedness and “self first” predilection attitude of our mindless leaders and their appalling lack of strategic insight and vision because of their love for vanity and earthly acquisition. Until we change our leadership style and this can only come through a mobilized change in our sociopolitical equation that injects a critical mass of altruistic, intellectually sound and competent professionals and think home philosophers with a good grasp of knowledge of the skills and tools needed to function in a very high tech 21st century world. And who knows, the present sociopolitical Tsunami wind blowing across nigerian horizon if not quenched, might be the positive turning point we are are waiting for. Nwachukwu, ub

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