American public transport utilities
Are in a state of contempt.
Contempt by politicians.
Contempt by the public.
Contempt by users.
Contempt by non-users.

Infrastructure is in disrepair.
Signage is in disrepair.
Ticketing is onerous.
Exact fare or no ride.
Is this 2022 America or
Eighteen twenty two America?

America has digital missiles.
America has digital rocket ships.
America has digital armaments.
American rail system is manual.
Manual as in stone age technology.
Manual as in manual ticketing and manual signage.

Wake up America, America wake up.
Public transportation is a key
Part of achieving COP 21 goals.
America must put the public before profit.
American companies profiting from
Global warming behind rot in
American public transportation.

General Motors dismantled
Los Angeles’ public transportation system.
Los Angeles is still paying the price.
Paying the price in gridlock.
Paying the price in pollution.
Paying the price in road rage.
Paying the price in road carnage.

America, a first world nation deserves a
First world public transportation.
America, look eastwards towards Europe or
Westwards towards China where
Public transport utilities are held in esteem.
So esteemed that the politicians, citizens, and
Tourists exult public transport utilities!

Yes, they still make and sell automobiles in China and Europe!

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