The average Nigerian Polithefian has three defections in his/her resume.
Most start as PDP, defect to the APC and back to the PDP or to the others in the alphabet soup.
The loss suffered by APC or PDP is a gain to PWD, UAC, RGC, KOWA, or TUC — Thievocrats United in Corruption.
The party system in Nigeria is a vehicle to pursue selfish ends and
not a vehicle to promote public goods and good governance.

If party A does not satisfy your gluttonous dispensation, try party B or party Z.
From your new party, threaten your former party A with hell, fire, and brimstone.
Party A increases your share of the National cake and you return to party A.
Returns are staged, spectacular events where decampees are warmly welcomed without reservations.

Millions of imaginary followers whose pockets are stuffed full with decamped Naira,
Usually decamp with their principals from party to party in the service of the Naira.
Naira meant for economic, cultural, and social development end up in beer parlors and nkwobi joints.
Owners of these relaxation establishments use their “loot” to import expensive foreign goods.

Public funds end up in foreign banks and the Nigerian Government in turn
Borrows Nigerian money at usurious rates, money that should never have left Nigeria; what a country!
Decamping Polithiefians never protest party policies nor lodge complaints before
Decamping from current party to another party in the alphabet soup of Nigerian political parties.

Useless press releases are financed after decamping, detailing  imaginary grievances that
Excludes National priorities or policies that shall democratize, develop, and
Deescalate religious, ethnic, social, and economic crises in Nigeria that has made
Nigeria the terror capital and the poverty capital of the Milky Way.

Nigerians, treat political decampees with DISDAIN, they lack integrity, courage, and the
Moral conviction to stand for truth, justice, fairness, and equity which are the hallmarks of
Politicians but are lacking in Nigerian Polithefians and Thievocrats.
The more Nigerian Polithefians decamp, the more nothing changes, except Naira changing hands!

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