Uighurs exist everywhere
Uighurs are victims of persecution
State persecution and Incarceration
Uighurs known to suffer persecution with
Uncanny resilience and equanimity.

There are Uighurs in China.
There are Uighurs — Igbos — in Nigeria.
There are Uighurs — Blacks — in the Americas.
There are Uighurs — Rohingyas — in Myanmar.
There are Uighurs — Women — in Afghanistan.

There are Uighurs  — Aborigines — in Australia.
There are Uighurs — Aborigines — in New Zealand.
There are Uighurs — Natives — in the Americas.
There are Uighurs — Yazidis — in Iraq.
There are Uighurs — Kurds — in Turkey.

Uighurs exist everywhere
There are European Uighurs
There are African Uighurs
There are Asian Uighurs and
There are American Uighurs.

Any group that is subjected to
State sponsored hate, death, and jail
Is Uighur; Uighurs of the world
Unite and fight Systemic Racism and
Systemic Hatism or become history.

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