Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, The Oyi of Oyi.
Respected, resolute, and highly regarded Senator.
Honorable and distinguished politician and academician.
Flamboyant orator, purveyor of probity in the Nigerian Senate.

Chuba understood and upheld the principles of separation of powers,
As enshrined in the flawed Nigerian Constitution that
Still recognized the separation of powers between the three branches of government.
A concept alien to the incumbent President, bloated by buffoonery.

Hounded and harassed by a vindictive President, that
Sought to control the Legislature and Judiciary
Through Ghana-must-go politics, employing
Ghana-must-go bags, stuffed full of fungibles, resulting in
The orchestrated removal of Oyi of Oyi as Senate President.

The hounding and harassment continued until Oyi’s
Death by tear-gassing and suffocation by State Security Agents.
To restore honor to the Senate, the Nigerian Senate must
Restore Oyi’s rights and privileges abrogated by a vindictive and authoritarian President.

A President whose legacy of Ghana-must-go politics has
Poisoned the Nigerian political space and almost succeeded in
Giving this individual an undeserved third term in office.
Nigerian Senate, the time to act to restore Oyi’s privileges is now.

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