If speed limit is 70 mph
You are going 69 mph
You see a police car
Speed up to 70 mph.

If speed limit is 70 mph
You are going 71 mph
You see a police car
Slow down to 70 mph.

If you see flashing lights
Pull off to the shoulder.
If no shoulder, drive off the cliff
Maybe more survivable than bullets.

If pulled over by a White policeman
Put your hands over your head
Play dumb, deaf, and dead -DDD.
Respond only by head and eye movements.

If you want to see your grandchildren
Do not drive while Black
Especially on conservative or on
Race intolerant highways.

Avoid highways with white road markings
Since all roads have white markings, don’t drive,
Hail Uber or Lyft and specify White driver.
Do not, repeat do not, sit in the front.

Driving while Black is more deadly than cancer!

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