Suddenly, a void appears in your being creating severe distress. A void so strong that your being may be sucked into the void extinguishing it and creating grief in others. Grief is so universal that animals experience grief. Grieving individuals are also vulnerable individuals.

Death is the most grief-inducing experience for humans as human death is irreversible and final. Finality of death replaced by continuity of grief. Grief is a coping mechanism but unmanaged grief may destabilize, causing lifelong emotional disturbances.

Survivors of grief, experience lifelong grief, as grief dissipates but never disappears. Reminiscences resurrect grief, absences at events reactivate grief, anniversaries arouse grief, birthdays bring grief. With time, grief reoccurs at longer time intervals.

Grief may turn an elephant into a lamb and a tiger into a turtle. Intensity of grief proportional to love for, and irreplaceability of grief-inducing objects. Loss of offspring or companion induces most grief, followed by pets, and objects.

Grief is felt by human souls and hearts, soulless and heartless individuals are incapable of grief. Absence of grief signals severe emotional disturbance, an emotional disturbance that can be deadly to others as grief-less individuals are dangerous.

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