Boko Haram Bandits:
Try them in secret
Release them in secret
Rehabilitate them in secret
Educate them overseas
At Government expense.

Fulani Terrorist Bandits:
Have Nigerian Army and
Nigerian Police escort
Them on their killing and
Eviscerating campaigns.
Settle them in RUGAs.

Northern Kidnapping Bandits:
Meet with them in secret
Through Sheiks, Imams, and Alfas.
Negotiate ransom payments.
Negotiators keep some and
The cycle of Kidnapping continues.

Zamfara Gold Mining Bandits:
Warn them to cease and desist
Kill a few villagers and a
Few cows by incendiary devices
Under guise of controlling Bandits.
Gold mining continues unabated.

Niger Delta Petroleum Bandits:
Threaten fire and brimstone
Bandits undeterred by noise
Blow up oil installations.
Bandits are compensated with
Amnesty and overseas scholarships.
Scholarships discontinued after two years.

Biafra Bandits:
Biafrans seeking referendum and
Protecting their Lands and
Crops from marauding Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen;
Summarily execute Biafrans and publicly
Display Biafran corpses and planted weapons.
Negotiate places of burial of Biafran corpses.

What a wanton disregard for
Biafran lives!
What a travesty of Justice and Fairness!
What a Crime against Humanity!
What are the UN, Britain, US, and ICC doing?
Nothing, zero, zilch.
Really? There is Godoooo!

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