As China, North Korea, Russia, and Europe are making great strides in innovative technology;
America, once the world’s greatest innovator is fighting White Supremacy.

White Supremacists do not contribute to the American economy. How can brains wired for negativity – Racism and Hatism – be innovative?

Was Einstein a White Supremacist? No. Most White Supremacists are Racist and Hatist, barely educated, and marginally employed Whites.

White Supremacists are busy using others’ innovative inventions to advance White Supremacy. Name any field of human endeavor and you can see White Supremacy at work, perverting art, science, and humanity.

White Supremacist Judges use same laws that sentenced a Black person to death, to sentence a White person with same charges to one year in a Club Med prison.

White Supremacist police officers “fear for their lives” when arresting BLM protesters, but open barricades for armed White Supremacists – insurrectionists – to enter the US Capitol and sack Congress.

White Supremacist corporate bosses, talk equal opportunities on TV but practice White only opportunities at work, confining Blacks and colored to dangerous tasks. Tasks deemed essential only in pandemics.

White Supremacists detest immigration and immigrants, same immigration policy that made America Great, by pulling talent from around the world. America’s standing in innovation is at stake and shall surely deteriorate.

White Supremacists have found a Champion in Führer Trump and the Republican Party. Confederate flags – symbol of slavery – are dusted and flying once again from America’s rooftops and automobiles.

Unless and until, America cleanses itself of Racism and Hatism, cloaked as White Supremacy, it shall never regain its once lofty standing on the world’s stage.

Inconsequential countries such as Hungary may advocate White Supremacy but Hungary is not a strong diverse country but an European Banana Republic!

A strong America is needed to combat Chinese fascism which is being exported outside China’s borders, threatening world peace and harmony.


  1. No not white supremacist but CNN or fake news. With dedicated effort a big media or news organization can remove a president by exposing his weaknesses and hiding his great work. That is the undoing of American. America has done well in trying to teach and enlighten bigots. That is doable. But fake news making everyone uncertain and disinterested in the truth ; that goes to the core “in God we trust”.

    The states and the cities and yes the federal government need to start their own tweeter, Facebook and similar media to free free speech. The government cannot be suffocated by private or opposition parties. They cannot be allowed to have that kind of power. Whatever the government must seen and judged by voters. The new press is an opinion press and must sit next to the private citizen as then get their news from the government. No more special preferences for the press. Let’s free them like we freed religion. Everyone must have equal access to raw news. Filtering is insulting to the American minds, uncivilized and unlawful.

    1. The First Amendment gives every American the right to air racist and hatist views.

      CNN is not fake news, FOX News – FALSE News – is fake news.

      The media cannot remove a President loved by White Supremacists, Trump is the best example. He still has a large following given his misogyny, racism, hatism, and misanthropy.

      Suggesting that the states operate media houses is dangerous. Voice of America has been corrupted by Trump. Previous Presidents have always respected the independence of that agency. And you want the state to operate Twitter and Facebook? Is this a joke? Are you advocating a Chinese type American Government?

      Since a large number of Americans subscribe to White Supremacist views, the media shall always publish such views, to increase readership and followership, thereby boosting ad revenues.
      Have you thought that the same White Supremacists run the media?

      Rupert Murdock, an Australian-American, cannot publish or broadcast the bigoted rubbish that offends some American senses in Australia, his native country.

      Laws do not change people, people change people. White Supremacists cannot enforce laws against white supremacy. Seventy percent of Whites voted for an avowed Racist and Hatist – Führer Trump.
      This is happening 244 years after American Independence from British slavery.
      Victims of British slavery are still enslaving Blacks and Colored in 2021.

      Maybe, Racism and Hatism are part of the human genome.

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