Modern Republican Presidents are White Supremacists.
These are not Republicans in the mold of Abraham Lincoln.
The Lincoln Republicans are the Democrats of current times.

Ronald Reagan kicked off his Presidential Campaign in
Philadelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi, a vicious
White-supremacist stronghold in the Bible Belt of America.

Neshoba County where Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney
Were murdered by vicious White Supremacists, served as a backdrop to the
Launching of Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Campaign to reclaim America for Whites.

Just as closeted Racists and Hatists aka White Supremacists flocked to the
Reagan bandwagon, so did they flock to the Trump MAWA – Make America White Again – bandwagon disguised as MAGA – Make America Great Again – bandwagon.

Hitherto, racist and hatist nominal members of the Democrat Party switched to the
Republican Party as they found a Champion in Ronald Reagan, and Reagan Democrats
Became a fixture of American politics especially racially divisive Republican politics.

Reagan manufactured a phantom Black Welfare Queen in Chicago, asserted that all Blacks in Detroit drove Cadillacs, manufactured babies in factories, and collected welfare
Checks, while Whites in Appalachia were collecting coal and dying of Black lung disease.

All were lies and fantasies Reagan used to rally his White Supremacist base.
Reagan, a second rate actor, used TV and radio to spin his racially-tinged lies,
Lies that got him two terms as the President of the United States. Trump learnt.

Trump, a pathological liar used the internet and social media to spin fatter, more
Fictitious, and more racially divisive lies that emptied American closets of Racists,
Hatists, White misogynists, White Supremacists, Klans men and Insurrectionists.

Racist chants hitherto muttered in hush tones in White Supremacist circles were blared
From bull horns, loudspeakers, Fox News, Twitter, Breitbart, and the Rose Garden.
The White Supremacists had found a Champion in the President of the United States.

Trump became the new Reagan, the Reality TV star replaced the second-rate actor.
Mexicans, became criminals; Blacks, products of shit hole countries, Central American
Refugees were walled off in Mexico and their children imprisoned in steel cages.

Trump lost because of his brashness, crudity, foul language and business shenanigans,
Not because he was a White Supremacist, but because he lacked finesse and refused
To separate his private business from official business, or reveal his financial standing.

America’s next Reagan or Trump is waiting in the White Supremacist wing of the
Republican Party and with the social media as a bully pulpit may transform the
United States of America into the newest fascist Banana Republic of North America.

Fascist Banana Republics are no longer the sole preserve of Central and South America.
The fictitious shining city on the hilltop of democracy may become the crater on
Top of the mountain of fascism that consumed all civil rights, civil liberties,
Racial harmony, and equality replacing them with Authoritarianism, enforced by
Complicit military and police forces and a cult of personality as the present cult of
Trumpists that stormed and sacked the US Congress on January 6, 2021!

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