Necessary for life,
Comes in
Various states,
Various textures,
Various flavors,
Various odors,
Various colors and
Various life forms.

Food may elicit
Pleasure or peeve.
Food may satisfy or
May elicit revulsion.
Revulsion at being
Offered food that is
Taboo to one’s culture.
Good food opens Doors.

Doors of carnal adventures.
Doors of business opportunities.
Doors of excitement.
Doors of expectations.
If the food is this good
What else is good or better?
Food is a key factor in
Longevity and good health.

Food grows on
Land; under the land,
In water, on water,
In the air and soon
In spacecrafts or
In space colonies,
Built by humans as
Earth runs out of space.

Overindulging in food
May kill or create,
Conditions for diseases.
Diseases reversible by
Moderation or avoiding
Certain foods or
Changing methods of
Food preparation.

Scarcity of food may
Also cause diseases.
Diseases reversible by
Food introduced in
Appropriate forms and
Appropriate quantities.
Cause of disease same
As cure of disease!

Food security likely
To ignite world migration, Conflicts, and wars as
Citizens of Nations,
Creamed by global warming,
Seek greener pastures,
That is, migrate to areas
With abundant food.

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