Republicans setting outrageous wildfires,
All over the American political landscape.
Fires enabling Systemic Racism and Hatism,
Fires devastating the environment by global warming,
Fires empowering the impetuous Far Wrong, and
Fires destroying Integrity, Rule of Law, and Fair Play.

Democrats trying to quench wildfires by
Spitting and dumping buckets of water.
No, wildfires are fought with fire – containment fires.
Fires that shall expand the number of Supreme Court Judges,
Fires to protect the environment and future of the planet,
Fires to protect women’s, minority, and disabled rights,
Fires to smoke Republicans out of their conservative concrete silos.

Silos that intermingle Religion, Politics, and State,
Silos that maintain racial and judicial inequities,
Silos that condemn fetal abortions – 50% of abortions are natural.
Silos that exult adult abortions – death penalties.
Death penalties that are legal lynchings,
Reminiscent of lynching of African Slaves by White Christians.

When shall Democrats join Independents in fighting fire with fire?
Or keep getting roasted by wildfires,
Purposefully set by Trump, Mitch McConnell and their peons.

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