Prior to White people
“Discovering” Africa,
Africa that predates Europe,
Africans had discovered ‘White.”

White, as in white animals
Preferred over Black animals,
As sacrificial offerings to
God in the White Clouds.

White clouds associated
With sunshine and hope.
Black clouds associated
With storms and destruction.

White chalk used in
Religious rituals, and
As body ornaments, in
Religious and festive events.

Now comes the Whites,
Really, pale skin humans
Mistaken as white, and
Therefore divine, and revered.

The arrival of Whites
With their invisible agents
Of carnage and destruction,
As in bullets and cannons.

Confused Africans into
Contemplating that the
End has arrived, and
Judgement has begun.

Bamboozled Africans thought
That the hitherto unforeseen
Almighty, was now a
Visual and physical reality.

As in God descending
From the white clouds,
To pass judgment on
The transgressions of the living.

When Africans realized
They were dealing with
The “Devil,” disguised as “God,”
The damage was irreversible.

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