A Genocide is not a Genocide, when Bantu Black Africans are the victims. A Genocide is forgotten, when Biafran Black Bantu Africans are involved.
No day passes in the world without a mention of the perpetrators, victims, or moral objectors of the Jewish Holocaust. As horrible as the Jewish Holocaust was, the Biafran Holocaust was more horrible.

While most Jews were gassed to death in death chambers, a fairly rapid mode of death, non-combatant men, women, and children of Biafra were strafed by Russian MiG Fighters flown by Egyptian pilots, incinerated by napalm bombs, provided by Britain, and starved to death by a blockade, maintained by British-supplied warships.

Slow death by hunger, worse than death by gassing. Deprivation of food to infants, children, and pregnant women resulted in slow genocidal death by malnutrition, and non-nutrition or hunger. Kwashiorkor is the end result of malnutrition and hunger. Kwashiorkor, a Ghanaian name for protein-calorie malnutrition, turned once vibrant and ebullient young Biafran Children into bloated caricatures of humans, with bloated midsections and spindly appendages. Black color turned into sallow color, thick bushy hairs become wiry depigmented and physically distanced spindles on humongous skulls, compared to the body.
The height of the death curve was 15,000 lives lost to Genocide in one day.

Why would the death of 3 million Biafrans by Genocide, most of whom were infants and children, not merit a daily mention by the world press? The Armenian Genocide claimed 1.5 White Armenians. We are constantly reminded of this Turkish-administered White-on-White Genocide. The Jewish Genocide or Holocaust claimed 6 million White Jews at the hands of White Germans. The Rwandan Genocide claimed the lives of 1 million non-Bantu Black Rwandans at the hands of Black Bantu Rwandans.

Why is the death of 3 million Bantu Biafrans at the hands of non-Bantu Nigerians, relegated to the dustbin of history? The answer is simple. Non-Bantu Black Africans are favored by Whites over Bantu Black Africans. Killing of non-Bantu Black Africans is criminal – Rwanda- and merits prosecution as would the killing of White Jews – Germany. Killing of Black Bantus is a non-event.
It is significant to note that most African Americans are of Bantu extraction. Could this be the reason why racism and hatism persists in America?
Some of the perpetrators of the Biafran Genocide are still alive and frequent Western capitals where they are feted and extolled by White Leaders once again confirming that “Black Lives Do Not Matter,” especially Black Bantu lives.

The Biafran Holocaust claimed 3 million lives in 30 months, the Jewish Holocaust claimed 6 million lives in 6 years. It is obvious that the Biafran Genocide claimed more lives per unit of time and deserves as much attention as the the Jewish Genocide.
Murder has no statute of limitations.
As the African Philosopher, Chidiogo puts it, “When you condone injustice, injustice shall condemn and consume you.”
What is holding the press and the world at large from addressing the Biafran Holocaust? If not addressed, history is about to repeat itself in Nigeria as Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, the vanguard of a larger Islamic force, the same force that inflicted a genocidal war on Biafrans, are once again entrenched in the forests of Eastern Nigeria or Biafra.

The world must act swiftly to prevent another Genocide in Biafra.

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