Why would God permit
Africans to be kidnapped,
Arranged as Sardines in
Slave ships, and sold as
Slaves to White Christians in the
Caribbean, North and South America?
Are Europeans and Asians excluded
From chattel slavery and servitude?
Why, Why, Why, God?

Why would God permit the
Continued humiliation, enslavement,
Segregation, disenfranchisement,
Discrimination, and condemnation of
Blacks to eternal servitude in the Americas and
Caribbean for 401 years, and
Continuing for another 401 years?
Is lynching of Blacks divine?
Why, Why, Why, God?

Blacks in the Americas and Caribbean
Supposedly worship and adore you, as
Stridently or more stridently, as
White Enslavers of Blacks,
Yet, you refuse to acknowledge the
Loud screams emanating from
Black Churches thrice weekly,
Yearning for delivery from Slavery.
Why, Why, Why, God?

We, Enslaved Africans in the Americas and
Caribbean have come to realize that,
God either plays favorites, or that
There are more than one God.
Guess it is high time Africans discarded
The White God and seek reconciliation with
The Black God, who shall deliver them
From White Enslavement and untimely deaths.
Why, Why, Why, God?

5 thoughts on “WHY, WHY, WHY, GOD?

  1. The whites respected and liberated themselves, they showed their ingenuity in technology and advanced. They also worked for the improvement of human relations. What has the Blackman done? They sold out their brothers for money to oppress others, went to the white man country for knowledge refuse return to develop his own country. We have no respect for ourselves nor for sanctity of humanity. There is nothing like white man’s or black man’s God. He is God all through and true. Let’s change our orientation and God is very available to help us thanks.

    1. Is Slavery, raping, and lynching of Blacks by Whites respect for “Whites” and “sanctity of humanity.”
      Whites are the most savage race in the world.

  2. For me the extermination, dehumanizing, humiliation and overall eternal servitude of black people in this planet is equivalent to Hiroshima and Nagaski on August 6 1945

    plus 9 11 of 2001 plus Auschwitz 1944 and any other man’s inhumanity to his kind in recorded history, put together. Black people have no allies.

    1. Racism and hatism has killed more Blacks than the dead in World War II and is continuing to kill Blacks at an alarming rate.

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