A city masquerading as a country,
Molded into an economic power by
A benevolent dictator, who turned
A fishing village into a bustling
Landscape of skyscrapers, industries,
Commerce, tourism and a travel hub.

While celebrating her rags to riches
Stories, this city-country has been
Turning immigrant labor, from rags
Into slavery and sometimes death.
Death sentences pronounced over
Zoom by video conference.

Covid-19 exposed the hypocrisy of
This once celebrated piece of
Economic miracle and governance.
Apparently, economics and governance
Not for laborers, laborers meant to
Only service affluent city dwellers.

Thanks, Covid-19 for exposing
Widespread hypocrisy, racism, and
Hatism, in the “civilized’ world.
Civilization built by the poor,
Poor who now are bearing the
Full brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Civilized,” means the poor are
Infected and dying in droves, as
The rich work from home, and
Enjoy government handouts, and
Subsidies for their businesses.
Is this civilization or slavery?



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