Tyrania executes ten protestors.

Dictoria imprisons 100 journalists.

Sinoria hangs fifty dissenters.

Jiharia beheads 1,000 Christians.77⁷

Manaria expels 100,000 Muslims.

Western NGOs protest and write letters.

Useless letters, none urging severe sanctions.

Sanctions that stop imports from Tyrania.

Sanctions that ground manufacturing in Sinoria.

Sanctions that stop crude oil imports from Jiharia.

Sanctions banning flights to and from Manaria.

Sanctions whitelisting Tyrania, Sinoria, Jiharia, and Manaria.

Sanctions banning investments in Tyrania, Sinoria, Jiharia, and Manaria, and

Sanctions banning travel to Tyrania, Sinoria, Jiharia, and Manaria.

No, never, nor shall Western Democracies

Whitelist these “Dictatocracies” and “Murderocracies.”

Western Democracies continue to trade

With these misanthropic regimes headed by Tyrants,

As Western NGOs continue to bark,

As toothless bulldogs guarding a vulnerable child,

And the hyenas and jackals circle to devour the infant.

As long as money continues to flow to the

So-called Democracies, or are they “Demagocracies?”

Preach democracy at home and encourage dictatocracies

In second and third world countries,

To promote “Rapocracies,” raping the economies of

These countries as the human carnage

Continues around our world – Western Hypocrisy!

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