Have you ever heard of white death, white ice, white hole, white book, white market, whitemail, white deed, white mark, white magic, white despair, white arts, white propaganda, white humor, white programs, or white sheep?
No and never will. When you type whitemail, it is rejected by your software but blackmail is gladly accepted. The only “good” thing associated with black, is making money. But is making money good, when money is perceived as being the root of all evil that currently plagues mankind?

The genesis of Black inferiority has been described by some writers such as Ibrahim X Kendi, as a result of the constant droning into Black heads that they are an inferior race. To add salt to a festering wound, the writer was applauded for his theories. He may have even won a “white” prize!
The fallacy of that argument is obvious. A superior race shall try to prove deriders of his/her race wrong by exceeding expectations. Do you become a fool because someone constantly refers to you as a fool? No.

While some less cerebrally endowed members of the insulted race – Black – may succumb to this labeling, the acceptance of the labeling by a majority of the oppressed race may signal other factors at work. These factors may include environmental, social, economic, and cultural but my suspicion is that it is genetic.

The so-called White superior race may use her temporal economic power to enforce and perpetuate the myth of superiority but a superior race shall always find ways to overcome this handicap. The Jews used to be Slaves in Egypt but the Egyptians are now “Slaves” to the Jewish State of Israel. Is there a lesson for the Black race? Yes. The Chinese once referred to as an inferior Asian race by Whites, are set to challenge the superior White race in all aspects of human enterprise.
Is the Black race listening? Africastallestman hopes so.
Reversing perceived Black inferiority shall be a two-pronged attack that shall be linguistic and behavioral.

Firstly, all bad events hitherto labeled Black shall be consciously labeled White by Blacks. Black Friday becomes White Friday, Black Market becomes White Market and so on. This linguistic change shall not be confrontational but shall become part of the new Black lexicon. If Whites protest that it is conventional to label every evil Black, politely inform them that no Blacks were at that “Conventional Conference.”

Secondly, Black parents should start inculcating in their children at an early age, the concept of Black superiority. Drum into their heads that Whites are inferior to Blacks, Whites label Blacks inferior because they are jealous of Black superiority. This is what is called “Reverse Psychology.” A psychological battle must be fought with psychological methods and not bombs and bullets. Bombs and bullets kill people but not ideas. Ideas are modified by education and practice.

Black Parents, the ball is in your court. Help create the next generation of confident, cosmopolitan and concerned Blacks that shall elevate the Black race into world prominence. Blacks withdrawing into their designated inferior cocoons as prescribed by the extant “superior” White race is not an option, but shall exacerbate the hydra-headed trio of racism, hatism, and inferiority complex.

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