What is life?
Is it birth?
Is it breathing?
Is it walking?
Is it dancing
Is it eating?
Is it farting?
Is it reproducing?
Is it barrenness?

What is life?
Is it being homeless?
Is it living in a mansion?
Is it riding a bicycle?
Is it driving a Ferrari?
Is it eating lobsters?
Is it eating leftovers?
Is it not eating?
Is it splurging?

What is life?
Is it being honest?
Is it being dishonest?
Is it attitude?
Is it cheating?
Is it bravery?
Is it cowardice?
Is it altruism?
Is it misanthropy?

What is life?
Is it praying?
Is it not praying?
Is it faithfulness?
Is it unfaithfulness?
Is it spirituality?
Is it carnality?
Is it agnosticism?
Is it atheism?
What is life?

Life is being happy
Life is being unhappy
Life is being employed
Life is being unemployed
Life is being smart
Life is being stupid
Life is forwarding
Life is not forwarding.

Life is all and more;
Life is living
Life is mutable
Life is transitional
Life is destiny
Life is unpredictable
Only predictable part is
Death – end of life
Dying is part of living.

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