Internet Professor, Chan Horin of
The Chinese Military Hospital No 6
In Crapwuan, China, says on WhatsApp:
“Blacks are immune to coronavirus,
No Blacks infected in China or elsewhere.
Blacks, do not worry as coronavirus
Kills Whites and Asians selectively.”

Maybe, God’s punishment for Black slavery,
Discrimination, maltreatment, marginalization,
Segregation and murder, yes, murder.
This fabricated or fake health misinformation
Gets forwarded a gadzillion times on Black
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and
The ubiquitous Black gossip mill – “radio without battery.”

Gullible Blacks shun social distancing.
Gullible Blacks shun hand washing and sanitization.
Social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing meant
For, the weaker Whites and Asians.
After all, Blacks are proud and strong,
Until the decimation of African-American Blacks
By Covid-19 becomes real and not fake news.

Fake news cannot be retracted nor the
Black carnage by Covid-19 reversed.
Please, please, please, stop “forwarding as received.”
Vet your posts or have an authority vet them.
The life saved may be yours or one of yours.
Fake news is deadly!
Repeat, Fake news is deadly!!

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