“I know more about physics than Einstein.”
“I know more about religion than the Pope.”
“I know about hoaxes than Houdini.”
“In fact, I am too smart for myself.”

Global warming – democratic hoax.
Replaces EPA Director by Oil Industry
Lobbyist and Mitch McConnell applauds,
Supreme Court concurs and approves.

Coronavirus, hitherto a democratic hoax
Now, Kung flu or the Chinese virus.
Dr. Trump prescribes Hydroxychloroquine,
FDA approves without scientific evidence.

FDA ruined forever, medical decisions
Now, made by politicians and Dr. Fauci is
Next to be fired by Twitter™️ for upholding
Hippocratic oath and scientific standards.

Dr. Trump’s latest coronavirus remedies;
Inject bleach into lungs or elsewhere,
Fry patient in ultraviolet oven, or
Inject ultraviolet rays into patient.

“I am the greatest watchdog in history.”
Who needs Inspectors General with an
Omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent President?
Replace all watchdogs with lapdogs.

Boris Johnson, the Trump of the UK,
Hospitalized in ICU with coronavirus.
Dr. Trump offers to treat Boris Johnson,
The British demure, jeopardizing trade pact.

Who needs Congress and the Courts?
Not an America with Prof. Dr. Trump.
Harm done to America in four years,
May take a hundred years to recover!

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