Sounds ominous, sounds foreign, sounds militaristic,
Sounds isolating, sounds suffocating, sounds ominous,
Ominous as in restricting thoughts, movements, and
Restricting liberties while enthroning boredom.
Boredom un-quarantines your brain and thoughts explode.

Suppressed thoughts once caged by human interactions,
Now, free to be expressed in a one-person world.
You start seeing ghosts in your house,
Objects become live, mobile, and communicative.
“Groundhog Day,” the movie becomes “Groundhog” reality show.

Everyday becomes yesterday as boredom replaces freedom.
Head balloons as unexpressed thoughts jostle for prominence.
Depression takes over, complimented by anxiety.
Maybe time to visit a shrink to un-quarantine your brain!
Well, shrinks are also quarantined for same pandemic!

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