The Mediterranean Sea was as calm as
The Dead Sea, no life, no boats, and no ships.
African Migrants were scurrying back to
Africa as fast as their legs could carry them.

With the Coronavirus killing a million Europeans
And less than one hundred Africans in Africa,
Africans, apparently not as susceptible as Whites.
Whites were scampering to get to Africa.

Is this the White Plague or are Africans immune
Due to Malaria or Chloroquine abuse in Africa?
Can we import African mosquitoes to Europe?
Will African mosquitoes survive in Europe?

Smart Europeans did not want to wait.
European cities running out of body bags.
European economy in depression as
China achieved world dominance.

The line was tortuous and long.
Those near the Embassy door were
African-like – black – and the color of
The line lightened to pale as it extended.

Pale as lack of sunlight from months of quarantine and
Social distancing depleted all color in Whites.
Standing for weeks in the European summer, brought
Back some color and beauty to the pale European skin.

The same scenario played out at all the
African Embassies in Europe as Whites
Fought to get visas to coronavirus-free Africa.
African Consular Officials were ecstatic.

An opportunity of a lifetime to get even.
“Ma’am, do you have relatives in Africa?”
“Do you have a return ticket?”
“How big is your bank account?”

“What skills do you have?”
“Can you use a hoe for farming?”
“Can you climb a palm tree?”
“Have you done the coronavirus test?”

“Next please, return in two weeks.”
“I’ll be dead in two weeks, I am the
Only one left in my commune.
Coronavirus has killed all humans and dogs.”

Coronavirus, thank you for equalizing the
Human race and teaching humanity that
Cooperation and inclusion enhance humanity,
Whilst segregation and exclusion debase humanity.

The world belongs to all humanity,
Migration is a right, not a privilege.
Whites cannot end migration after
Exploiting migration to their advantage.

Coronavirus and yet to be discovered viruses,
Thanks for making reverse migration
Fashionable, desirable and life-saving.
“No condition in life is permanent.”

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