Ban Chinese from eating CRAP.
CRAP such as rats, bats, and snakes,
Thereby restricting Coronaviruses to animals.
Anyone eating CRAP is “shot.”

Ban intercontinental air travel making
Coronaviruses difficult to disseminate by
Air transportation, because Coronaviruses love
Air travel, especially first-class air travel.

Yea, first class, and that’s why those
Rich Conservatives in the first class
Section of an aircraft are heavily infected.
Coronavirus – Conservative, no coincidence!

All intercontinental travel to be
By ships, yachts, and boats, confining
Coronavirus outbreaks to a limited area.
Infected vessel is quarantined and sanitized.

Turn the whole world Communist
With a strongman as World Leader.
World Leader, example Trump, able to order
Worldwide quarantine and Social Distancing.

Implement 6G specifically designed to
Kill Coronaviruses and Fake News.
Fabricated News poses existential threat
Far greater than any Coronavirus.

Discard 5G designed to kill Humans
And induce dead humans to become
Coronaviruses, and maybe, Measles virus.
Achieve Nirvana without 5G and Coronaviruses!


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